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LifeLine strives to find innovative ways to keep pets in our community safe so we are very excited to announce our new partnership with Finding Rover! Finding Rover uses facial recognition technology to help reunite lost dogs and cats with their families, allowing anyone with computer access to be a superhero. We are proud to be the first Finding Rover partner in metro Atlanta!


How It Works

Through our partnership, photos of all animals who come into LifeLine's shelters as strays will now be uploaded to Finding Rover database. When a pet is reported to Finding Rover as lost, the picture uploaded by the pet parent will be scanned against all stray pets currently in our shelters. Finding Rover will then display any pets whose faces match.

Additionally, the lost pet's photo will be scanned against photos uploaded by people in the community who have found pets and reported them to Finding Rover (a free service anyone can use). The photo will be scanned against other partner shelters' stray pets in Georgia and nationwide.

Every dog and cat adopted from LifeLine will now be pre-registered in the Finding Rover database and will automatically be transferred to the pet adopter's free Finding Rover account when they register. So if their pet ever goes missing, they can report them with the click of a mouse.


Top 5 Reasons to Use Finding Rover

  1. It reunites families! One of LifeLine's goals is to reduce the number of pets that come into our care by keeping them with the families that love them. Using this tool, we can all become superheroes and help us achieve that goal.
  2. It's easy! Anyone with a smartphone or computer can upload a lost or found dog or cat instantly.
  3. It's FREE! Although millions of dollars have been invested into this technology, it doesn't cost you a penny.
  4. It helps find pets homes! It's not just about helping lost pets. Our dogs and cats that are available for adoption are also on Finding Rover!
  5. It's not just for dogs! Dogs are not the only pets that get out. Finding Rover is optimized to work for our feline friends as well.


If you FIND a stray dog or cat...

Finding Rover found pets
... head to, click 'Found', click the 'Facial Search' button, snap a picture of the pet on your phone, and upload to Finding Rover. From there the magic of Finding Rover will match that photo with photos of pets that have been reported missing.


If you LOST a dog or cat...

Finding Rover lost pets
... head to, click 'Lost', click the 'Facial Search' button, upload your pet’s picture, and Finding Rover will search found reports which will include animals in our care. Our partnership automatically updates all of the pets in our care on our Finding Rover page!



Does Finding Rover Replace Microchips?

While facial recognition is a wonderful tool in the arsenal of lost pet services, it does not replace the need to have your pet microchipped too. There are still some instances, such as in the case of a stolen pet, where a dog may show up at our shelter as an owner return and will not be found in Finding Rover's database.

If you need to have your pet microchipped, contact our LifeLine Community Animal Center clinic or attend a Pet Wellness Day at our College Park Clinic.


We highly encourage everyone who has a pet to visit to register your pet. It’s easy, free and allows you to report pets as missing, instantly. Alternatively, if you find a pet, please report them too by uploading their photo to Finding Rover, and help us reunite more pets with their parents. Don't wait for your pet to go missing; be proactive and create an account for your pet today.


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