All LifeLine shelter locations are currently open with safety protocols in place for our teams and visitors. For information about the outbreak happening in our shelters, including how you can support the animals recovering in our care, please visit our FAQ page.

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Who We Are

A Leader in Animal Welfare

Based in Atlanta, LifeLine Animal Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission of ending the shelter euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals. We are the largest animal welfare organization in Georgia. LifeLine manages the Fulton and DeKalb County Animal shelters as well as provides enforcement services for Fulton County.

We look at the root causes of animal homelessness and work with our community to provide accessible pet care. Our goal is to keep people and pets together. If you are looking to add a cat or dog to your home, visit a LifeLine shelter today. From spay/neuter services to general wellness care, LifeLine also has top-notch veterinary care at affordable prices.

LifeLine Animal Project is a nationally lauded leader in animal welfare and the largest animal welfare organization in Georgia. Since its inception, LifeLine has taken a strategic approach to create a safety net for companion animals at risk, both in our shelters and in our community. Thanks to the leadership and vision of LifeLine founder and CEO Rebecca Guinn, LifeLine has transformed the way metro Atlanta cares for animals in need, and annually, tens of thousands of animals are no longer euthanized in Atlanta area shelters.

LifeLine areas of focus in the community

2022 Summary

Spay/neuter surgeries at LifeLine's clinics
Pets adopted into loving homes
Lost pets reunited with their owners
Foster homes to care for homeless pets until adoption
0 %
Percentage of lives saved at LifeLine's open-intake shelters
(90% = no-kill)

Changing Animal Welfare

To make significant changes in animal welfare, LifeLine:

  • Began managing the high-kill, open-admission DeKalb and Fulton County Animal Services shelters in 2013. We are now sustaining no-kill levels at both shelters.
  • Expanded our foster program by placing 50% of our pets in foster homes. Pets thrive in homes, not in shelters.
  • Operates two clinics, which have performed over 150,000 free or low-cost spay/neuter surgeries. These services prevent many unwanted pets.
  • Provided thousands of pets with free veterinary care and supplies each year. We make pet care accessible to all and help people keep the pets they love.
  • Opened the LifeLine Community Animal Center in 2019. It  features a full-service, low-cost, affordable veterinary clinic.
  • Expanded our shelter services, creating a Community Support team that helps struggling pet owners keep their pets.
  • Was selected to pioneer a nationwide Human Animal Support Services (HASS) initiative. And, we worked on significant transformations in animal welfare and lifesaving for Atlanta.
  • Is a nationally-recognized leader and the largest animal welfare organization in Georgia.

LifeLine is proud to be a pilot shelter selected to join a national initiative, Human Animal Support Services (HASS). We are working on significant transformations in animal welfare to find better ways to keep pets and people together. Efforts towards this paradigm shift include accessible and affordable vet care, community program support teams and many diverse foster program offerings.


Animal welfare solutions are rooted in the needs of each community, so LifeLine offers a variety of programs and services to address those needs. Whether we’re providing free vet services to thousands at community events, bringing pet supplies directly to homes with no access to pet services or transportation, providing resources for community cats or helping people adopt their new best friend, LifeLine’s programs ultimately save lives.


You can make a difference
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As the largest animal welfare organization in Atlanta, LifeLine is working with our community to redefine humane in everything we do.  That includes keeping people and pets together, enriching the lives of shelter animals and helping more pets return home.

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