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male volunteer smiling at the camera with a grey large dog

Seasonal Volunteer Spotlight

This season we’re highlighting volunteer and foster duos! So many couples, friends and families contribute to LifeLine’s mission.

tan dog being hugged while smiling and looking at the camera.
Animal Care

Bringing a New Dog Home

You’ve adopted a new dog! This new love in your life is excited to become your new best friend. Follow these tips for a smooth transition into your home.

community cat in trapping cage with blanket over cage
Community Cats

How to Trap-Neuter-Return

Trapping a community cat may seem intimidating, but it’s actually very easy! With our step-by-step guide, you can learn how to safely trap community cats.

cute orange kitten looking at the camera
Community Cats

Myths About Community Cats

With a lot of misconceptions about feral cats within the community, here are our recommendations for humanely managing them.

a family of four sitting outside on a bench with their dog
Animal Care

Caring For Your Pet After Surgery

It’s great that you spayed or neutered your pet! We compiled some frequently asked questions about how to care for your pet after their surgery.

inside the community animal center lobby, a staff member sits at a desk with her mask on

How LifeLine Prepares for COVID-19

With uncertainty about COVID-19 on the horizon, we’ve adjusted our policies to keep everyone safe. Here is one central place to read our COVID-19 policies.

white dog sleeping inside a wire crate with the door open

How to Crate Train Your Dog

Teaching your dog how to use a crate is a useful tool as a pet owner. Crates can be used while riding in your car, when going to bed, or as a general safe space for your dog.

a girl and a dog outdoors on a bridge
Animal Care

Pet Safety Tips for Hot Weather

Warmer months are an exciting time to explore the outdoors. But hot weather can be dangerous for your pets. Follow these tips to ensure safe summertime fun.

a dog and his owner kayaking down a river

Dog Friendly Spots in Atlanta

Atlanta is a fun city with so much to explore. With so many great places to hang out, see which ones are dog-friendly so you can bring your pup along!

two dogs and two cats smiling at the camera

I’m In for Atlanta’s Pets

Our mission is to make Atlanta a sustainable no-kill community, by saving every healthy and treatable animal that comes into our care.  That’s where you, our community, comes in. Are you in?

a family of three smiling outside the shelter with their newly adopted dog

7 Myths About Shelter Pets

Although shelter pets can make the best family pets, there is often a stigma attached to them. Don’t be deceived! We dismiss 7 of these myths about shelter pets.



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