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Shelter dog looking out of kennel.

LifeLine Removes Breed Labels on Shelter Dogs

LifeLine Animal Project shelters stopped using dog breeds as labels to identify dogs. This includes DeKalb and Fulton County Animal Services and the LifeLine Community Animal Center. Instead, LifeLine creates better matches by focusing on the dog’s personality and how well they fit into the adopter’s lifestyle.

According to many studies, including one in The Veterinary Journal, breed labels are often wrong. They also cause breed discrimination and a higher rate of dogs being returned to shelters. One reason breeds are often mislabeled is that only one percent of a dog’s DNA determines what they’ll look like. So there is no good way to know the dog’s breed without papers or a DNA test.

LifeLine believes that you cannot know a dog’s personality, or if they’ll be a good match, based on a label. So they’ve removed them.  This gives adopters a chance to get to know dogs based on how they behave instead of how they look.

If you are looking to find the best match for your family, you start that search right here.

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