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two tiny kittens being held in a blanket

We’re Celebrating Foster a Pet Month

June is National Foster a Pet month, and we’re celebrating with Petco Love and BOBS from Skechers! With varying lengths of commitment, there are many ways to get involved and save lives with LifeLine. Check out the fun ways you can help foster a pet below.

If less than 2% of pet-owning households fostered a pet, we could eliminate preventable euthanasia in shelters tomorrow.

Foster Hero: Claire

Our first foster hero is Claire! Claire is an extraordinary foster parent. She takes the sickest kittens and turns them into healthy, loving, amazing pets. Our Fulton County Animal Services Feline Foster Coordinator, Zoie, had this to say about Claire!

“I can’t count on two hands the number of kittens we’ve handed her, knowing in our hearts that they wouldn’t make it through the night, that she turned around and brought back bright-eyed and bushy-tailed only a few weeks later. She is TRULY a lifesaver with extensive knowledge in medical and bottle-baby fostering. She has a love for cats and animals that I really admire.”

foster parent, Claire holding a small kitten

“Claire is one of our most dedicated and helpful foster coaches, and helps other fosters participate in our program. She mentors dozens of foster parents every year, giving them advice and encouragement! She knows our program inside and out, and even gives the coordinators advice at times when we’re stumped. She’s an amazing asset to our team and we would not be as successful as we are without her. Claire has two cats of her own, foster fails from FCAS, and loves dogs and cats alike.”

Fostering Dogs

Fostering dogs is a fun way to help a pet in need. LifeLine provides vet care, support, supplies and adoption assistance. Below are a few of our most popular ways to foster a dog.

Weekend Warriors

Whatever your weekend plans are, our shelter pups would love a mini vacation with you. Our dogs benefit greatly when they take a break from the shelter, and the information that you share about them helps us better match them with potential adopters. We ask that you commit at least 3 days, with pick-up on Friday and drop-off on Sunday. Learn more about Weekend Warriors.

General Fostering

Many dogs in our care are happy, healthy and ready to find their forever home. All they need is a comfy place to stay, a little love, and help finding their perfect match! With limited space in our shelters, fostering a dog until they get adopted helps create more space in our shelters for more dogs in need. General dog fostering has a varied time commitment, from a few weeks to a few months. Learn more about general dog fostering.

Safety Net

Sometimes, pet owners fall on hard times and need some help caring for their pets. The Safety Net foster program is our newest program that places owned pets in temporary foster homes in 30-day increments. This allows the pet owner time to get back on their feet and reunite with their pets. Because we don’t board these pets at our shelter, having available Safety Net foster parents is critical to continuing the success of this program! Learn more and sign up for the Safety Net foster program.

Fostering Cats

Calling all cat lovers! You can get your feline fix without the fear of being judged as a crazy cat lady (or gentleman!). Here are some of our most common cat foster needs.


From newborns to 12 weeks old, kitten fostering is usually our greatest need. “Bottle babies” are kittens that are between 0 and 4 weeks old who need to be bottle-fed every 2 to 4 hours. “In-betweeners” are kittens who are transitioning from bottle-feeding to a wet food and formula mixture. They also start learning to use the litter box. Weaned kittens are 6+ weeks and are eating on their own. At any age, fostering kittens is a very rewarding experience! Learn more about fostering cats.


With a mom and her young kittens, mom does most of the work! She grooms them, feeds them and helps them eliminate until they are old enough to do these things on their own.

mama cat with her two baby kittens

Special Needs

Cats, at any age, may need additional socialization or may have a specific medical concern that is best cared for in a foster home.

We’re also celebrating a few of our foster heroes. Foster parents are a critical part of our lifesaving mission. Read their stories and we hope you’ll be inspired to sign up to become a foster parent too.

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