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Seasonal Spotlight: Content Volunteers

Through all seasons, our content volunteers flex their creative abilities to help shelter pets shine and find homes! From photography to murals to costume parades, they take the saying, “Seen = Saved” to heart! This spotlight features just a few of the many wonderful content volunteers who have dedicated countless hours to the animals through their craft and who rarely step in front of the lens for the recognition they deserve.

Frances Aguilar
DeKalb County Animal Services

Tell us about yourself!

I live in Tucker with my 11-year-old rescue dog, “Archie”. I have been a volunteer at Dekalb County Animal Services for five years. When I’m not at the shelter taking pictures and walking dogs, I’m at work photographing products for retailers as a commercial photographer. I also volunteer on the production team at my church.

What is your favorite part about being in the LifeLine community?

The best part about volunteering is meeting new dogs every week. I love learning about them in hopes of marketing and advocating for them. I love when I capture their personality; helping them to be “seen and saved.” I also love being part of an amazing, dedicated group of volunteers!

Do you have a favorite themed photoshoot or campaign that you participated in?

During Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and the holidays I like to create special content for a dog who is a long-timer or someone that needs extra exposure. I have a great team of volunteers who help me dress up the dogs for these special holidays!

Marie Matthews
Fulton County Animal Services

Tell us about yourself!

Outside of LifeLine volunteering, my daily life is balancing on a line between technology and creative pursuits. After a 20-year career in technology, I decided to take a year off and pursue my visual arts. I never went back to tech full-time, and nowadays I teach painting and figure drawing when I am not at the shelter. I still keep a bit of software development going on the side, too.

Where do you gather inspiration for your photoshoots, bios, and/or flyers?

My inspiration is pretty simple. I try to make photo where the dogs don’t look like they are in an institution — where a prospective adopter could imagine the dog in a home. I try to avoid chain link fences, razor wire, and garbage dumpsters. Bonus points if the dog appears relaxed and looks at the camera, which is sometimes easier said than done. I always look for good light. Because Fulton is crowded, I almost always have to work outdoors in natural light. I suspect that the photos will evolve when we move into the new shelter.

What was your "impact" moment when it comes to being involved with LifeLine Animal Project:

I like to think that some of my dog photos will grab someone’s attention enough to get them to come to the shelter. I recall one day when a couple showed up asking for a specific dog they had seen on the website. I didn’t tell them that it was one of my photographs, but it still made me feel good to know that my photo played a part in bringing them to the shelter. The couple wound up adopting the dog.

Kelly Montero
LifeLine Community Animal Center
Kelly Montero (3)

Tell us about yourself!

I work in healthcare. I’m passionate about doing what I can to help people and animals. I am obsessed with learning languages. I love traveling, gardening, yoga, reading, volunteering, cooking, hiking, and hanging out with my family and friends.

What is your favorite outcome story for a shelter pet?

I have two: Tevin, the sweetest car dog ever, getting adopted by a wonderful lady; and Barney, one of my favorite VERY LONG TIME shelter dogs getting adopted by the cutest family. Both these dogs are amazing and so deserve great homes!

What advice would you give someone who is considering joining the volunteer community?

Please join us! You get to play with awesome dogs (or cats!), meet amazing humans, and literally make a positive difference every time you volunteer! No matter how bad your day may have been, when you show up at the shelter and see a dog’s eyes light up because you are there for them – I mean, you CAN’T be sad! And seeing a dog you love and have worked to promote finally get their happily ever after – that’s the best feeling ever! There is always someone at the shelter who is happy to see you and loves you for what you are doing for them!

A Special Thank You

We could not be more thankful for ALL of our content volunteers and the many ways they support pets in need of foster and adoptive homes. Below is a collection of just a few special projects they have put their heart and soul into on behalf of the animals:

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