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Seasonal Volunteer Spotlight

Summers are often the busiest and most challenging time of the year at LifeLine. We would not be able to do this hard work without such supportive volunteers working side by side with our teams. Lifesaving is only possible when we work together. We wish we could highlight every single person that generously gives their time to support our organization, but know we are grateful for each and every one of you. Read on to meet our summer spotlight volunteers!

Marie Bearden
Community Animal Center

What made you want to get involved with LifeLine?

I first got involved with LifeLine Animal Project through the Weekend Warrior program and have since fostered cats and dogs, both short-term and long-term, and most recently a court case foster. I was drawn in by the various foster options and thought it was great that LifeLine offers short-term foster options for those who need a little more flexibility. While fostering I’ve seen first-hand the power of great bios and pictures in promoting my fosters online. I took this a step further and began taking photos of shelter dogs to promote them online, capturing them in their best light as they explore the world around them with the help of volunteers. This progressed to taking dogs out for Dog For The Day so I could learn more about their personalities and help improve their online bios. Ultimately, I ended up jumping in and completing the volunteer training, which allowed for me to work one-on-one with the dogs while still promoting them.

What is your favorite volunteer activity?

I’d have to say my favorite volunteer activity is photography. I enjoy capturing the unique personalities of shelter dogs and highlighting them in creative ways to draw the attention of potential adopters and increase the chances of them finding their forever home. I strive to create engaging images and videos that can be shared across social media, to further capture the attention of potential adopters. With each photo and video, I’m hoping to make a difference and give these animals a second chance.

How were you able to use your unique set of skills to help LifeLine?

Photography has become my passion – I love taking photographs of shelter dogs, capturing their personalities, and helping to promote them online and bring awareness to the cause. I can also serve as a resource for those looking to get involved in fostering by sharing my experiences and helping to identify foster opportunities that fit their lifestyle.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about volunteering?

Don’t overthink it. Sign up. I believe that everyone has the power to make a positive impact and that there is a volunteer opportunity that can fit your unique talents, passions, and schedule.

If you’re considering fostering, please remember that what the animals need is you, and the small things you can provide. They don’t care if you have the perfect foster setup or the fanciest sleeping arrangement. They care about a home that’s safe which provides the love they crave and the care that they need. Consider taking a dog home for Weekend Warrior and see where it goes from there!

Paula Loeb
DeKalb County Animal Services

What made you get involved with LifeLine?

The reason I started volunteering at DeKalb County Animal Services is because I read a news article explaining that many of the dogs are only getting walked every five days. This broke my heart.

What is your favorite volunteer activity?

My favorite volunteer activity is matchmaking followed by walking the dogs as a very close second.

How were you able to use your unique set of skills to help LifeLine?

I am happiest when I can help others. There are endless opportunities to help out at the shelter so volunteering there is very fulfilling. And I love the dogs so and cats so much.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about volunteering?

I would encourage anyone who has even remotely considered volunteering to jump in and get started online. It is hard work but you get to meet the greatest fellow volunteers, amazing staff, and especially the cutest dogs and cats ever.

Laura Hall
Fulton County Animal Services

What made you get involved with LifeLine?

Animals, dogs especially, have always been a passion. Many years ago, I worked with rescue groups and wanted to get back to help. With three dogs at home, fostering isn’t an option, but LifeLine provides many opportunities to help volunteers fill the gaps in needed services. I see LifeLine and Fulton County Animal Services as ground zero in the animal welfare battle.

What is your favorite volunteer activity?

I have two. The first is working with shy, scared, or “broken” dogs. Watching a dog that days, weeks, or even months ago wouldn’t lift its head or come out of its kennel but now wag its tail, bound across the play yard, or, best of all, find a new family, helps put the hard days behind me.

You will find me in the laundry room when I’m not working with the dogs. It makes me happy to see shelves of clean towels and blankets, knowing the staff has the tools to care for the dogs in our shelter.

How were you able to use your unique set of skills to help LifeLine?

I can be flexible and willing to help with various tasks – cleaning kennels, socializing animals, and helping with adoption events. Be open to doing whatever is needed to support the shelter and its animals.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about volunteering?

Just do it! There are many ways to help at LifeLine, in person, virtually, or at off-site events. Every bit helps to further the mission of LifeLine.


I’ll be honest; there are hard days when you wonder if you’re helping. When that happens, I remember two things, I can’t help them all, but you do make a difference in the lives of the ones you help. Second, a whole community of staff & volunteers understand what you’re going through and are behind you every step of the way.

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