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Pilots N Paws rescue DCAS 2024-1

Sky’s The Limit: LifeLine Pups Soar To New Heights & Homes

Pup, pup and away! Recently, nonprofit organization Pilots N Paws answered the call for help with a lifesaving rescue transport when it came to a litter of barely 4-week old puppies.

Bluey, Bingo, Clifford, Eloise, Peppa Pig, Shaun the Sheep, and Corduroy were discovered abandoned in a park before being brought to DeKalb County Animal Services. Summer is fast approaching and we’ve already seen an uptake of puppy litters, some orphans, entering our shelters. The shelter is no place for newborn pets who are particularly vulnerable to illness, as well as need close monitoring and socialization as they grow.

Fortunately, a rescue in Maryland reached out to take them in, but the question became: how do we get the puppies up north? That’s when Pilots N Paws flew in to save the day!

Pilots N Paws rescue DCAS 2024-3
Pilots N Paws rescue DCAS 2024-4

Connor and Libbie, two volunteers with Pilots N Paws who have fostered for LifeLine previously, connected these pups to a first-class flight across the country to their final destination. With our DeKalb shelter located closely to DeKalb-Peachtree Airport, it was an easy journey to make and we were able to quickly get the puppies prepared for their rescue transport.

Stories like this show how members of our community go above and beyond, sometimes literally, when it comes to keeping pets out of shelters and helping them take flight into happy new beginnings. We are hopeful to see this continued support with even more animals entering our shelters during the warmer seasons.

Pilots N Paws relies on a network of volunteers to transport animals in need all over the country. We are grateful for their commitment to helping shelters that are all overflowing with pets in need. If you’re a rescue partner interested in working with our county shelter facilities, learn more and get connected to our teams for Fulton County Animal Services or DeKalb County Animal Services.

@lifelineanimal The sky truly is the limit when it comes to helping puppies in our care find their way into rescue! LifeLine Animal Project recently transported these puppies to a rescue in Maryland from our shelter in DeKalb County with the help of Pilots N Paws. We're thrilled that we could send them on a first class trip to their new home. Pup, pup, and away! #adopt #Atlanta #LifeLine ♬ Fly Me to the Moon - The Macarons Project

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