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mama cat with her two baby kittens

Kitten Season And How You Can Help

The Spring season is always a great time of the year. Warmer weather inspires us to get out and explore the outdoors. But at LifeLine, spring means the start of kitten season! These cuddly cuties are so adorable, but caring for them is no easy feat. We need your help during kitten season. Read on to find out how!

What is kitten season?

In the animal shelter world, we all know that kitten season starts in the spring. But why do we see so many kittens during this time of year?

Female cats go into heat seasonally, not year round like other species. Their biological clock registers the warmer weather as a safer time for offspring to be born and raised, so their bodies prepare to make kittens. As long as it’s warm, cats can go into heat. This means female cats can have up to 3 – 4 litters a year. With 3 – 4 kittens a litter, that’s a lot of kittens being born!
kittens that LifeLine cared for in 2020
How You Can Help

Become a Foster Parent

Caring for thousands of kittens each year would never be possible without all of the hardworking and dedicated LifeLine feline foster parents. From bottle feeding babies in the late hours of the night to just providing a quiet comfortable place to grow, our feline foster parents are crucial to saving lives.

You can be part of the magic by becoming a feline foster parent. To get started, complete our cat foster questionnaire and we will reach out with next steps!

Give a Gift

Donations are always needed to support our foster program. We are committed to supporting our foster families with veterinary care, food and supplies. Preparing a kitten for adoption requires an average of $50 in medical costs alone. This includes vaccinations, microchipping, spay/neuter surgeries and more. Your donation to LifeLine Animal Project ensures that we can keep saving more lives. Every donation makes a difference!

Your donation to LifeLine Animal Project ensures that we can keep saving more lives. Every donation makes a difference!

Donate From Our Wishlist

A great way to support kitten season, especially if you are unable to foster, is to purchase supplies from our Amazon wish list. We’ve included the most important items that support the health and growth of young kittens. And when you shop at and choose LifeLine as your charity, your purchase goes twice as far!

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