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Weekend Warriors

Whatever your weekend plans are, our shelter pups would love a mini vacation with you. Our dogs benefit greatly when they take a break from the shelter! These sleepovers are critical to capturing important information about dogs we do not know well so that we can make better foster or adopter matches.

Remember T.L.C.
Take them home; Learn about the individual; Care and Compassion is key!

Dog wearing Adopt Me harness on a hike.

Pets eligible for this program primarily include medium to large dogs. We ask that you commit to at least three (3) days. They can be any three (3) days of the week – not just Friday through Sunday! You are more than welcome to keep the dog as long as you’d like after that. We’ll provide you with a crate and food for the whole time you foster with us!

Complete the Dog Foster Questionnaire below and select “Weekend Warrior” in the dog foster programs question.


While we know many participants in this program are excited to introduce their Weekend Warrior dog to all of their friends, or take them out on the town, consider the individual pet and their unique needs in terms of decompression and the activities you do with them. A majority of pups would love to enjoy some undisturbed sleep and lounge around on a nice comfy couch!


  • We’ll provide you with a sturdy leash, collar, an “Adopt Me” vest/bandana, crate, starter food, and the dog’s LifeLine business cards.
  • Place a towel or sheet in your car for the dog to rest on.
  • Make sure you are comfortable with the dog. We want both you and the dog to have a successful outing.
  • Once home, allow enough time for them to relax and become familiar with their surroundings.


  • Keep the dog on a leash and in your control (within 6 feet of you) at all times while in public.
  • Dog parks are NEVER allowed, and avoid feeding the dog human food.
  • Enjoy different Atlanta sights like the Beltline, Piedmont Park, Arabia Mountain, Kennesaw Mountain, etc.
  • Take many photos and videos, and send to
  • If the dog has had sufficient decompression time, consider bringing them to an adoption event!


If you have any questions during your weekend getaway, you can email:

Send photos, videos, and details:

Enjoy Your Weekend

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