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A dog, Tyson, who is out 20,000th PFL pet served!

Pets for Life Helps Its 20,000th Pet

Tyson happens to be our 20,000th pet served through our Pets for Life (PFL) program. His story is a perfect example of why we are needed in the community. Tyson is a bundle of joy, loves people and other dogs, loves going for walks, and above all… deserves to be part of a loving family with his mom, Belita. With just a little support from our program, Belita can provide all the love Tyson needs.

Belita & Tyson

We originally met Belita at one of our Healthy Pets Fulton events. She came with her three dogs to get their free vaccinations, microchips, and vet exams. Belita was so impressed about how involved we were in the community that she felt impelled to volunteer herself. Not only has Belita volunteered at our Healthy Pets events, but when our PFL center had a fire, she came almost every day for two weeks to help us clean up the damage, salvage what we could, and remain open and help other clients who came who still needed supplies. She feeds community cats and helps them get TNR’d through PFL. Belita also had all of her pets vetted and spayed/neutered through the PFL program.

belita and tyson sitting in a park together
belita and tyson sitting in a park together

Recently, one of her dogs Spirit passed away due to old age health complications. As fate has it, she happened to find an older puppy running around the streets. He easily came to her, and she tried to find his owner, but to no avail. Belita then reached out to the PFL team to get him vetted, because she knew he came to her for a reason; Tyson was there to help heal her heart after her loss of Spirit. And now, he marks the 20,000th pet served through PFL!

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