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What Pandemic Life Looks Like at LifeLine

For the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic 15 months ago, our animal shelters are full. We saw a record-breaking number of adoptions this time last year. But what has changed mid-pandemic that we’re now at capacity? Are “pandemic puppies” being returned in higher numbers? Our mid-pandemic findings show otherwise.

What are we seeing?

Karen Hirsch, Public Relations Director for LifeLine, was recently featured in an HLN news article sharing what we’re seeing in a mid-pandemic world.

Our return rate is between 7 and 10 percent, and that hasn’t changed.

So why are animal shelters now full?

The summertime months historically tend to always see the greatest number of pets coming into our shelters. And this year, the mid-pandemic world is ready to get out of the house, travel, spend time with loved ones and try to go back to life as we knew it. Sometimes, adopting a pet may not be a priority within those summer plans.

But just last week, over 400 pets arrived at our two county shelters. Here is a snapshot of the number of pets in our care, between June 10th and June 16th:

adoptable pets cared for by our county shelters
pets residing in our county shelters
pets living in foster homes, ready for adoption

We still need the community’s support to save lives. We’re in dire need of adoptions for at least 250 pets, and we’re waiving adoption fees from Wednesday, June 23rd through Sunday, June 27th. All adopted pets will also be spayed or neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, a $200+ value, at no additional cost.

This is the first time in more than a year that we’ve had four dogs per run due to space issues. In addition to saving lives, adoptions will help alleviate some of the crowding too.

How can you help?

Adopt a pet

With adoption fees waived, now is a great time to adopt a pet! Head to our adoption listing to browse and learn more about our adoptable pets. Adopting a pet helps alleviate shelter crowding and you gain a new best friend. Win-win!

pets found homes!
Become a foster parent

Temporarily caring for a shelter pet is a much-needed step in that pet’s journey to their forever home. With many different opportunities available, it’s easy to become a foster parent!

Share with your community

Share this blog post on your social media through Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor, etc. You can also ask to physically post this flyer in places that you frequent (grocery stores, retail stores, breweries, apartment/condo shared spaces, HOA community board, places of worship, laundromats, etc.). Spread the word!

Help us find homes for 250 pets this week! With our community’s support, we know these pets will find incredible homes and wave the shelter life good-bye!

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