Two LIfeLine employees standing in front of Pets for Life truck.

LifeLine Takes Over Pets for Life Program in Atlanta

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LifeLine Animal Project took over The Humane Society of the United States’ Pets for Life program in Atlanta. And, they now provide outreach and free services to people and pets in northwest and southwest Atlanta. 

“The Pets for Life program adds positive community engagement to LifeLine’s animal service operations” says LifeLine CEO Rebecca Guinn. “LifeLine will provide free veterinary care, services and information. And, we hope to help people and pets who wouldn’t have access to the resources and services they need to keep their pets healthy.”

LifeLine Animal Project has demonstrated an impressive initiative to bring pet care resources that are often out of reach to people and pets in underserved areas of Atlanta. The HSUS is proud to support LifeLine in accomplishing their mission of serving their community comprehensively.

- Amanda Arrington, The HSUS’ Pets for Life Director

It is estimated that 23 million pets live in poverty with their people in the United States. In the Pets for Life program focus area in Atlanta, 38% of people live below the poverty line with little or no access to pet care services. To that end, the Pets for Life program tries to bridge that gap and offers resources and information. Learn more about the Pets for Life program.

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