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two white cats laying down side by side

Adopting Two Kittens is Better than One

Adopting a new kitten can be a fun and exciting experience. Caring for thousands of cats in our shelters each year, we’ve come to notice that adopting two kittens is better than one!

You might be concerned that adopting two kittens means twice the work. But adopting two kittens actually has many more benefits than you may know. At LifeLine, you can adopt two kittens from the same litter for the price of one, only $65. Read on to learn why adopting two kittens is highly encouraged.

1. They teach each other how to be good cats in ways people can’t.

Kittens teach each other how to behave when playing and interacting. They let each other know when biting, nipping or gnawing is too aggressive, and they learn to establish boundaries. Kittens also learn cat skills like using the litter box and grooming by watching each other.

2. They keep each other busy.

One bored kitten is much more likely to get into trouble than two kittens who can keep each other mentally and physically stimulated.  Plus, with two kittens, they won’t rely on you as their only source of entertainment.

3. They’ll learn to like other cats.

When kittens aren’t socialized early, they typically end up being aggressive to other cats. This is known as Tarzan Syndrome. As a result, if you eventually decide to adopt another cat, introducing your unsocialized kitty to the new cat can be very difficult or impossible. Starting out with a bonded pair is much easier and ensures your kittens will be properly socialized.

4. They won’t bother your current cat (as much).

If you already have an adult cat, bringing home a kitten who is constantly trying to play with them might annoy your current cat. However, bringing home two kittens who will keep each other company will give your older cat a chance to watch them from a distance and time to adjust.

5. They’ll comfort each other.

When kittens are brought to their new home, it takes them time to adjust. But a bonded pair is less likely to feel as lost or confused as a single kitty since they have the familiarity of each other. They may also enjoy cuddling together, grooming each other and playing with each other in the middle of the night (instead of waking you up to play).

6. You’ll likely have healthier cats.

Having two cats reduces the risk of either becoming overweight, so they’ll be healthier and may live longer. Even as they age, cats who live together typically continue playing with each other and live an active lifestyle.

7. Two kittens are twice as adorable.

Get your cameras ready, because adopting two kittens means they are twice as cute!  Whether they’re cuddled up together sleeping, exploring a new object in the house for the first time or chasing your feet as you move under the covers, you’ll be doubly entertained and receive two times the love.

8. You’ll save two lives instead of one.

When you adopt two kittens, you make room in animal shelters for new cats and save two adorable lives! And because all pets from LifeLine are already spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, saving two lives has never been easier.

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