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Pierre, Max and Bella Head Home

Sometimes, all it takes is a little time to help people keep the pets they love. When pet owners are faced with temporary hardships, caring for and keeping their pets can become a challenge. But thanks to LifeLine’s Safety Net program, the Swales family was able to overcome their temporary set-back and maintain their big happy family!

Pierre, Max and Bella are three very loved pet dogs of the Swales family. But when the Swales family found themselves suddenly needing a new place to live, they began to get worried. They had located temporary housing but there wasn’t room for their beloved trio. Additionally, finding dog-friendly housing would take time, and they didn’t want to give up their beloved pets in the meantime.

Fortunately, they reached out to LifeLine’s Dekalb County Animal Services Community Support team for help. And a Community Support Coordinator found three separate foster homes for Pierre, Max and Bella through our Safety Net Foster program.

Safety Net fosters cared for the dogs in their homes as if they were their own.  They also sent us regular video updates that we shared with the Swales.  Finally, after three weeks apart, three very excited pups and their family were finally reunited!  Now, they are all settling into a new home that welcomes everyone, pets included.

It's a blessing. If it wasn’t for the [Safety Net] program, I don’t know what I would be doing, because I missed them.

LifeLine implemented the Safety Net program because we believe that people facing hardships shouldn’t have to give up their pets. A temporary foster home prevents dogs from having to spend even a single night in the shelter. It also gives pet owners like the Swales Family a few weeks to get back on solid ground. And for some families, those few weeks can mean the difference between keeping or giving up four-legged family members.

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