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Resiliency During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A Letter From Our CEO Rebecca Guinn about COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has only just begun. And, it’s already disrupting our day-to-day lives in ways unimaginable just a few weeks ago. We are all enduring alarming and uncertain times.

We can’t know exactly what lies ahead. But we do know this: LifeLine Animal Project will be here for Atlanta’s animals.

For nearly two decades, LifeLine has been the last hope for tens of thousands of Atlanta’s most vulnerable companion animals. We took on the challenge of operating our county shelters in Fulton and DeKalb. And, we have kept the animals safe during crisis while always striving for lifesaving outcomes. Now, as other shelters and organizations must suspend all intake, LifeLine is the only hope for animals in peril during COVID-19 and beyond.

Our mission and mandate require that we never close our doors to the animals. We have taken in 381 animals since instituting emergency protocols a little more than a week ago.

animals taken in within one week

Operationally, we are ready for any scenario and following the CDC guidelines. The community has stepped up beyond all expectations by adopting and fostering in the face of COVID-19. And, this has helped to expand our capacity for the days ahead. Our volunteers have helped work a miracle in getting animals placed into new homes. LifeLine’s dedicated staff is prepared, if need be, to quarantine in place – at the shelters – in order to continue caring for our animals.

Looking Ahead

We will continue to take in animals in need for the duration of this crisis. LifeLine will always be their safety net. But, without your support, we may be working without a net.

To continue caring for Atlanta’s animals that are most at risk and to save all who can be saved, we must have the necessary resources to meet the continuously evolving demands of the COVID-19 pandemic. LifeLine and the animals we protect need you.

"Now more than ever” is a phrase that gets used a lot. But, for Atlanta’s animals in need, the uncertainty of now is unlike anything we’ve ever faced.

Our lifesaving commitment to the animals, along with our commitment to the health and safety of our community, will never waiver. But, we need your help – both now and, likely, for a while to come.

Throughout my journey in animal welfare, I have constantly been amazed by the resiliency of the animals in our care. Over this last week, I’ve been equally amazed at the resiliency of human kindness. So, please help me ensure that the animals who most depend on us stay safe as we weather this storm together.

I wish you and yours safety and good health. On behalf of the animals in our care, today and tomorrow, thank you for your kindness.

rebecca guinn's signature

Rebecca Guinn
CEO & Founder, LifeLine Animal Project

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