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two rabbits sitting on hay

150 Rabbits Need Help

In the midst of a very active kitten season, LifeLine was alerted to an urgent situation involving animals in dire need. Around 150 rabbits needed immediate care and rehoming. 

When our DeKalb County Animal Services team heard the news, they sprung into action. Special spaces in the shelter were set up to accommodate the massive number of rabbits involved in the case. Our veterinarians worked quickly to assess each individual rabbit, ensuring that any immediate medical needs were attended to. And with cases like these, we often don’t know the condition of the animals coming into our care. So we have to be prepared for every and anything.

Every and anything includes one of the female rabbits giving birth on Mother’s Day! Only days after her arrival, she welcomed a litter of four. Mom and babies are doing well.

two LineLine staff members assessing a bunny
a LifeLine staff member tends to a bunny in a crate

Shifting Gears to Help 150 Rabbits

Animal shelters are always tasked with working quickly and efficiently to care for the pets coming through their doors. We had just put out a plea to find special bottle-baby foster parents for the large number of underage kittens that recently arrived. Now, the team is working even harder to help the rabbits and secure the resources, care and support for their special needs.

This is an ongoing investigation and the rabbits are not yet available for adoption. We will share more updates as they become available. We are also working with trusted rescue partners like Georgia House Rabbit Society and Save The Horses to ensure that all of the rabbits find a safe place to recover along their journey to new homes.

two sickly rabbits in a cage

How You Can Help

In stressful times like these, we turn to our community for help and support. And you can help us provide for these rabbits by donating today. Your donations help cover the cost of their ongoing medical treatment, and any future needs they may have. So thank you for your ongoing support, Atlanta!


After working with dedicated rescue partners to find homes for the majority of the rabbits, there are still some in our care who need help! All of the rabbits have been medically cleared and will be spayed or neutered. We are now searching for temporary foster homes for the remaining rabbits. Fostering provides a stress-free environment for the rabbits, not to mention frees up much needed space in our already full kennels!

If you’re able to temporarily foster a rabbit (or two!), please reach out to our team by emailing!

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