Jabari, DCAS Animal Care Director, holding a dog

Jabari Gadsden

Director of Animal Care, DeKalb County Animal Services

Jabari Gadsden has always been dedicated to the care of animals and providing them with an awesome quality of life. He began his career in Animal Care in 2015 at a dog daycare, building his knowledge and skill set before eventually starting a small dog daycare himself in a joint venture with a veterinary clinic.

In late 2018, Jabari left his previous employment to pursue the ever-expanding opportunities LifeLine provides. He was able to quickly move through the ranks from Animal Care Supervisor to Animal Care Manager, and currently holds the title of Director of Animal Care at LifeLine’s Dekalb County Animal Services.

Jabari believes that every pet has a person or five to match them, and strives to create a community where every animal is treated with the same love and respect that he gives his own. Jabari attributes his ability to persevere in the Animal Welfare industry to his safety net, which includes his wife and daughter, 3 dogs and 2 cats.