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doctor brosman, LifeLine clinic director, holding a kitten

Dr. Susan Brosman

Director of Medical Services, LifeLine

Dr. Brosman was born into a military family in Wiesbaden, Germany and raised in Florida. She graduated from Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1996 and practiced veterinary medicine in several states. Then, she opened her own practice in Greensboro, GA. After working at some of LifeLine’s community outreach events, she realized that providing affordable pet care to people provided her with a sense of purpose, so she joined LifeLine.

Dr. Brosman is the Director of Medical Services for all of LifeLine’s clinics. And, she helped to open the new veterinary clinic at the LifeLine Community Animal Center.  Her main area of interest is in education because she likes empowering clients to understand their pets’ medical needs. When she isn’t working, she enjoys painting, crafting and visiting the mountains or the beach. She has seven rescued animals, including two dogs, one cat, two guinea pigs and two birds.

Veterinary Team

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