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Give Up A Pet

It can be a very difficult decision to give up a pet, but we are here to support you. The process may take a little bit of time to ensure you find a loving home that is a good fit for your pet.

Cat in woman's arms
1. Prepare Your Pet for Adoption

When you give up a pet, make sure sure your pet is microchipped and spayed or neutered. This increases the chances of your pet finding a new home. Spaying/neutering your pet helps prevent unwanted behaviors, like humping or marking, in their new home. LifeLine offers low-cost spay and neuter services at two locations. Also, your pet can receive vaccinations, a nail trim, and a microchip during surgery. If your pet has long hair, consider getting your pet groomed and bathed to look their very best. 

2. Take a Photo and Write a Bio

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the same holds true for pets. When marketing your pet, you’ll want to use a picture that will capture adopters’ attention.

  • Take a clear photo of your pet with good lighting and free from distractions in the background.
  • Capture their smile and personality. With cats, a simple photo of just their face will do.

Next, write a bio highlighting their best characteristics and personality.

  • Do they like treats or toys?
  • If you know how your pet interacts with other pets or children, include that information.
  • If your pet has concerning behavior or special medical needs, save that information for a conversation with adopters instead of including it directly in the bio.
shelter dogs in their kennels

State of the Shelters

Throughout the year, stay informed about the state of the shelters, and how you can get involved and make a difference.

3. Create an Online Profile

Create an online profile with It’s easy to use and will get your pet’s profile in front of thousands of potential adopters. Adopters who are searching for pets on will see your pet’s profile in their search results.

Use the photo you took and bio you wrote in Step 2 on this profile. Rehome will ask you some additional questions about your pet for their profile. Then, in Step 4 of creating the profile, select “LifeLine Animal Project” as the referring shelter. Please use coupon code RCXHAQTL2U8AD8Z so that the Adopt a Pet listing fee required of pet owners will be completely waived!

As a result, your pet’s profile will automatically appear on our Family to Family page which also receives thousands of page views each month! After creating your profile, bookmark the URL (you’ll use it later).

4. Market Your Pet

With your photo, bio and Rehome link ready, share your pet with your friends, relatives and co-workers. Post your pet on NextDoor, your neighborhood social media group and your social media accounts. And ask your friends and followers to share with their friends and followers. Ask veterinarians if you can post a rehoming flyer in their clinic.

Spread the word, and don’t be shy! You never know who may be looking to adopt their new pet. You can even take your dog out on walks with an “Adopt Me” harness or bandana to attract potential adopters. Be patient and don’t lose hope. The right family is out there!

5. Ask a Rescue Group for Help

A rescue group may be willing to take in your pet. Georgia SPOT Society has a list of rescue groups in the Atlanta area. Many of these organizations are composed of volunteers with limited resources, so if possible offer a donation to help cover food, shelter, and especially medical expenses. Please be patient when waiting for a return call as it may take a few days.


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