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Volunteer Groups

We offer several volunteer opportunities for groups of all ages and sizes. To best support our mission, we ask that groups either assist with onsite needs based on the day and time we schedule your visit or support our ongoing goal of placing adoptable pets in loving homes. We also encourage your group to come to us with ways to increase our adoptions and foster placements and other unique event ideas.


How To Help

Below are some of the most impactful ways that these groups can support our work in shelters. Please understand some of these are dependent on staff availability at the time of the group’s visit:


  • Help our teams accomplish daily tasks at one of our five facilities. This could include cleaning, grounds maintenance, organizing, administrative tasks, and more.
  • Work on a special project such as making enrichment for the pets in our care or taking photos or videos to market our adoptable pets.
  • Take a group walk with some of our adoptable dogs.

While we know everyone wants to spend time with dogs, cats and kittens, youth groups are limited in the kinds of interaction they have with the pets in our care due to safety reasons. There are many ways groups of all ages can support us outside of the shelters:


  • Host a donation drive to collect everyday items and some of our Amazon wishlist items!
  • Spread awareness about adoptions, fostering, and pet care within your community, neighborhood or school. This effort could include any current adoption promos and recruitment efforts.
  • Create compelling content (e.g. awareness videos, adoption fliers, written stories or letters for some of our adoptable pets).
  • Start a fundraising campaign, on social media or at your group’s facility. Lemonade for LifeLine is just one way you could raise funds.
  • This Tool Kit serves as a great guide to explore ways to help remotely.

Student, Community & Nonprofit Groups help us make meaningful connections to our local community. We encourage any groups that fall into this category to let us know what you think would have the biggest impact on your group’s community.

Volunter Group Types

Student, Community & Nonprofit Groups

Group Size: 5 to 20 participants

We are happy to work with any student groups, community groups, or nonprofit employee groups to schedule giving-back days, community service projects, or other volunteer group opportunities. 

Businesses &

Group Size: 20 to 30 participants

We are grateful to work with several for-profits in metro Atlanta and beyond. We define business and institutions as any for-profit entity (e.g. small businesses, corporations, colleges and universities) regardless of size.

We have a suggested donation amount of $200 per entity to help cover the costs associated with our staff’s time coordinating your group’s special day, or making an in-kind donation to help support our most needed supplies.

Youth &

Group Size: 3 to 10 youth participants

We have worked with several youth groups in our history and are excited to get youth animal lovers to engage in new ways! We define youth dn educational groups as any groups where the participants are under 18 years of age. This could include primary and secondary school students or youth groups coordinated through an organization. While family groups are not considered part of this group type, we encourage family groups with youth ages 10-17 to enter our volunteer program through the normal Youth/Family onboarding process by completing the corresponding application. A 1:5 adult guardian to youth ratio must be present at all times

Reach Out!

To share interest in assisting our organization, the pet-owning community, and the hundreds of homeless pets in our care, please fill out this form with as many details as possible. Please know that we are not able to commit to every group interest but there are always ways that your group can support us without even stepping foot in our facilities.


Every donation helps us keep people & pets together.

You can make a difference and help save lives!


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