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ATLANTA (September 2022) Fulton County Animal Services will be operating under updated procedures temporarily to manage the continued overcrowding and influx of animals in the shelter.  Specifically, intake will be limited to emergency/critical situations and field service intake calls will be evaluated and prioritized based on severity.

Over the past four months, there has been a 20% decline in dog adoptions at the county shelters, compared to 2019’s pre-pandemic adoption statistics.  Not only are adoptions down, but there has also been a 37% decrease in the number of pets that can be transferred to rescue partners. This means there are more animals currently in the shelters, and they are staying longer.  In order to ensure there is space for the most critically in need, we are having to make these temporary changes.

Public safety will remain a top priority, and Fulton County Animal Enforcement Officers will continue to respond to all calls for service.  Response times may be delayed due to higher-than-usual call volumes. Priority calls include, but may not be limited to, dog attacks, police/fire assists, injured animals, and animal cruelty complaints. Any animal that poses a risk to public safety will continue to be impounded.  If you have found a healthy pet, please fill out a Found Pet Report on the Fulton County Animal Services website. We are encouraging good samaritans to take 48 hours to help reunite a found pet with their owner by walking the animal around the neighborhood and posting photos on social media.  More than 60% of lost pets are found less than a mile away from home.  Visit for more information on how you can help.

These intake and service protocols are temporary and will be continuously evaluated every two weeks. “We are working with our community and our shelters to prioritize community safety and lifesaving solutions for the animals most in need,” said Atlanta-Fulton County Emergency Management Director Matthew Kallmyer.

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