Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities

When LifeLine opened its doors in 2002, a handful of passionate volunteers worked alongside staff to end the euthanasia of healthy and treatable dogs and cats in metro Atlanta shelters. Today, over 2,400 volunteers have committed to help LifeLine transform Atlanta into a no-kill community.

Administrative Assistance Clinic Volunteer Dog Walker
Adoption Advocate Community Cats & TNR Foster Parent
Adoption Event Volunteer (Offsite) Community Outreach Laundry Attendant
Adoption Matchmaker Dog Bather & Groomer LifeLine Ambassador
Animal Enrichment Dog for the Day Transport Volunteer
Animal Photographer & Pet Profile Writer Doggie Jog Weekend Warriors
Cat Socialization    


Administrative Assistance

Volunteers assist with filing, mailings, data entry, completing paperwork, returning phone calls and other specialized projects.


Adoption Advocate

Acting as an Adoption Advocate involves getting to deeply know our adoptable animals and promoting them in various ways to increase their chances of adoption. This can be done by attending adoption events to promote, distributing provided flyers, and posting on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and NextDoor.


Adoption Event Volunteer (Offsite)

Volunteers assist staff at various adoption events around the Atlanta area.  Duties include assisting in set up, maintaining the safety and well-being of the dogs, answering questions from the public, and exercising/entertaining our adoptable dogs. We encourage you to educate yourself about our organization, as well as develop relationships with individual dogs.


Adoption Matchmaker

Volunteers help match potential pet owners with dogs or cats at the shelter by answering questions, discussing compatibility and interpreting information on kennel cards. Volunteers also educate the public on the importance of proper pet care and spay/neuter.


Animal Enrichment

Volunteers are needed to help conduct enrichment programs to help improve our pets' temporary stay with us. Playgroup is a dog group-play program where multiple dogs play together outdoors, providing them with much needed exercise and learned social skills. Assembling dog treats and toys is also an ongoing need. Animal enrichment is a great opportunity for youth volunteers to help with the betterment of our animals.

Pet Photography

Animal Photographer and Pet Profile Writer

An attractive photo of our animals allows shelter staff to effectively promote them on social media. This position allows volunteers to use their own cameras to take photographs of adoptable shelter animals and write appealing descriptions of them. Pet profiles include details that will appeal to potential adopters, such as the animal’s energy level, interactions with humans, other animals, and children, and if the animal responds to basic commands.


Cat Socialization

This position helps cats build trust for people and other animals. It is a great opportunity for volunteers to provide human contact to cats and assist staff members with basic care. Duties also include petting playing, cleaning litter boxes, and refreshing food and water.


Clinic Volunteer

The LifeLine Spay & Neuter Clinics need volunteers to assist our veterinary staff. We provide spay/neuter surgeries, testing, and vaccinations for pets belonging to the general public, as well as for rescued dogs and cats in shelters or foster care. Volunteers assist by completing paperwork, washing instruments, wrapping and sterilizing surgery packs, monitoring patients while they wake up from anesthesia, and providing loving attention to pets in our care.


Community Cat Program | Trap-Neuter-Return Volunteer

This position helps support a program which provides education to individuals or groups in order for them to implement a trap-neuter-return (TNR) program in their backyard or residential/business neighborhoods. TNR releases feral cats back into their neighborhoods and outdoor homes once they have been spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Their caretakers then provide on-going care with food, shelter, water, supervision and veterinary treatment when needed. Volunteers are needed to help with trapping, transporting to our clinic (use of your own vehicle required), fostering kittens, and feeding cat colonies.


Healthy Pets

Community Outreach

Volunteers work with LifeLine to create a greater presence by participating in community events to promote spaying & neutering, vaccinations, monthly adoption promotions and responsible pet ownership.


Dog Bather and Groomer

Volunteers help groom and bathe animals available for adoption (primarily dogs) to help keep them healthy and in good appearance for potential adopters.


Dog for the Day

This program is temporarily on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Dog for the Day Program is a great way to give our pups a break from the shelter environment and get them seen by potential adopters! You can take one of our pups to the park, go for a hike, or simply relax at your house. The potential for fun is endless! You will be provided with a leash, harness, and an "adopt-me" vest for the dog you choose.


Mika and Jackie-O

Doggie Jog

A group of volunteers takes our shelter dogs out for some fresh air and exercise on a group jog. Beyond getting some great exercise, it is a great way for both dogs and dog handlers to socialize and have fun. This event is held at our Fulton County Animal Services location.


Dog Walker

Volunteers provide dogs with much needed exercise by taking them on walks through the neighborhood surrounding the shelter. Along with basic dog-handling skills, a moderate degree of physical activity is necessary. Additional training will be provided. We encourage walkers to help our homeless dogs develop leash manners, as well as receive exercise and socialization.


Foster Parent

Our foster parents play a critical role towards our lifesaving mission. Foster parents care for animals in their home while they await adoption. To learn more about our foster program, click here.


Laundry Attendant

With hundreds of animals in our care, laundry becomes a round-the-clock need. Volunteers assist with loading washers and dryers and folding towels, blankets, and sheets.


Transport Volunteer

LifeLine Ambassador

This position involves attending special events and educating the public about our mission and our programs. This may include tabling special events, phone solicitation, and event planning. All material and information will be provided before an event.


Transport Volunteer

Volunteers use their own vehicles to transport animals to veterinary appointments, rescue groups or offsite adoption events. This position involves socializing and comforting the animals, monitoring behavior during transport and ensuring paperwork is transported with animal.


Weekend Warriors

Want to give a shelter pup a much-needed break from the shelter for a few days? Check out our Weekend Warriors program!


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