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CAC Director Tracy hugging a senior dog.

Tracy Thompson

Shelter Director, LifeLine

Tracy Thompson has been active in Animal Welfare for 31 years. She started out as a foster parent and volunteer, but her desire to make more of an impact led her to a career in animal welfare. In 1997, she became an Animal Control Officer with Paulding County Animal Control, and she was promoted to Shelter Director there in 2003. 

Networking within the animal welfare community and wanting to do more, she joined LifeLine Animal Project in 2013 as the Fulton County Animal Services Kennel Manager. Tracy worked at every LifeLine facility and held many leadership positions. She is currently the Shelter Director of the new LifeLine Community Animal Center (CAC) and is dedicated to taking in animals from the Fulton and DeKalb facilities shelters. Tracy enjoys finding loving homes, healing animals and providing community boarding and behavior training. With a dedicated staff, the CAC has provided sanctuary for many rural shelter pets who were in danger of euthanasia.

Tracy lives OTP with her many dogs, cats and horses (all rescued over the years), her daughter and her 2 perfect grandsons. 

Leadership Team

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