Sunshine Finds Her FamilySunshine made her way to LifeLine's FCAS after losing both parents within only a matter of months. The devotion of our loving staff ensured that she was reunited with their son, and now has a forever home.

Sunshine Finds Her HomeSenior pets often provide support and love that lasts well beyond their years. This couldn't be more true for Sunshine, who was once rescued and lived for 19 years with a wonderful couple and her furry companion friend. Within a matter of months, Sunshine lost both of her elderly parents and found herself left at the local humane society. Due to their policy prohibiting the acceptance of stray cats, LifeLine's Fulton County Animal Services (FCAS) was called and gladly transported Sunshine to the Atlanta shelter--a new and unfamiliar environment. As is standard with our new arrivals, Sunshine was renamed and placed on our website in hopes that she would be reclaimed or adopted.

Diane Casey, a committed friend to Sunshine's previous owners, learned of Sunshine's departure and sought out to find her. After a call to the Humane Society and then FCAS, she reached Kimberly Meeks, an adoption counselor recalled Sunshine's description and made the match. "I wish all people that end up with missing pets would think about coming to the shelter to look for them," Meeks said. "Most do not. We all work so hard everyday to find homes for all of the homeless pets that are wonderful and in need of a new furever home." Diane then reached out to the son of her dearly departed friends, who made the journey to Atlanta to reclaim Sunshine.  

At the shelter, it was clear that Sunshine had deeply missed her family. She was overjoyed to see them to the point of bringing tears to the eyes of the staff onsite.  

Sunshine's story doesn't end there. Jess, the daughter of the couple, has adopted Sunshine for what is now the second time. She is currently gaining weight and playing like a kitten! Much of this happy ending can be attributed to the investment of Diane, however, she generously shared the credit with the Fulton County team. "I am so grateful for the staff at FCAS. Not only did they remember Sunshine, they stayed after hours and waited for someone to arrive to reclaim her."  

We are truly grateful for the staff at our shelters who take caring for our precious animals seriously. Should you know someone in need of a pet or seeking to reclaim their lost pet in Fulton County, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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