The CAC Turns One!
The CAC Turns One!

It’s hard to believe that a whole year has flown by since we opened the doors to our LifeLine Community Animal Center (CAC) last October! We were all excited about the potential lifesaving that our brand new shelter and low-cost veterinary clinic could facilitate. And while we never could have predicted what was to come when we opened, the CAC had an outstanding year and has been a steady source of happy endings during otherwise tumultuous times.

As part of our initial vision for the CAC, we wanted a top notch animal shelter to provide overflow housing for our DeKalb and Fulton County Animal Services shelters. And this past year, the shelter has done just that.

The Community Animal Center's impact

Our CAC veterinary clinic has been very busy too! We recognized there was a real need for affordable veterinary care in Atlanta. Since we opened the doors, we haven’t slowed down one bit. We’ve provided all the services of a typical veterinary practice, plus a vast array of specialized surgeries, including removing heartworms from a dog’s heart (a rare and tricky surgery which had a successful outcome!), repairing a dog’s fractured jaw, repairing a kitten’s fractured neck and removing bullet fragments from a dog who had been shot, to name a few.

With the onset of COVID-19 this past March, we knew that humans weren’t the only ones who’d be affected by the pandemic’s financial impact. So we began building a "Stay Together Fund" to help keep people and their pets together during tough financial times.

Pilari and Grayson

The Stay Together Fund has helped people like Pilari who came into Fulton County Animal Services (FCAS) in tears, because her dog, Grayson, had stopped eating, was vomiting and had become lethargic. Pilari was homeless but seeking transitional housing and unable to afford veterinary care. Heartbroken, she thought that her only alternative was to surrender Grayson to FCAS. We assured her that she didn’t have to give up her beloved family member to receive veterinary care, and we provided it for free at the CAC vet clinic (it turned out he just had a bad case of hookworms which is a simple problem to treat). We also provided a free neuter surgery and vaccines and kept Grayson until Pilari found transitional housing. A LifeLine employee then drove Grayson to her once she was settled for the joyful reunion.


The Fund also helped Ashley, a single mom with a toddler who also supports her own mother. After Ashley’s pup Monza began limping badly and experiencing pain, a veterinarian told her that Monza probably had a torn ACL and would require surgery from a specialist but the vet wasn’t certain because Ashley couldn't afford x-rays. Not knowing what to do, she reached out to LifeLine for help and ended up bringing Monza to the CAC, where he received the needed x-rays, confirming the torn ACL. Knowing that Ashley couldn’t afford specialized care, one of our outstanding vets performed the intricate ACL surgery on Monza at no cost, and now he is back to being a playful pup once again!

In the past, people in similar situations may have had no choice but to surrender their pets to a shelter, so that the animal would receive veterinary care. But thanks to the generous donors of our Stay Together Fund, these human-animal families can remain together.

As more people continue to struggle financially, the need for free veterinary care continues to grow. We want to continue to provide veterinary care for struggling pet owners whose pets face an unexpected illness or injury, but we cannot do it without you. Your support of the Stay Together Fund will ensure that pets don’t suffer or die because their owners can’t pay full price for veterinary care, and will help keep pets with the people who love them. Please help us celebrate the CAC’s wonderful first year of keeping people and pets together, and make twice the impact, by donating to the Stay together Fund.


Donate below to keep pets and people together, through the Stay Together Fund.

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