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Some shelter dogs – such as those who are shut down or have special needs – desperately need someone to believe in them. Luckily for them, LifeLine Volunteer Ed Dobar is that guy.

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Big Valley was adopted from our DeKalb location four years ago. He came into our care as a cruelty case; he had been shot and had wounds all over his body. We were thrilled when Anthony, his wife and his six grandkids decided to adopt Big Valley! We knew it was a perfect match from the start.

But now, Anthony and his family need our help. Due to financial hardships, they lost their home and were forced to move into temporary housing without Big Valley. We agreed to hold Big Valley for the family until they could get back on their feet and find affordable, pit bull friendly housing.

Anthony and his family come up to our shelter every week to visit him. They bring him treats and walk him and give him lots of love. And they shed tears every time they have to leave him.

This is Big Valley's family, and we want to do everything in our power to keep them together.

Otter Blog 2Katie here!

In case we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting, I am the Rescue Coordinator at LifeLine's DeKalb County Animal Services and also have the privilege of being Otter’s foster human mom and raiser. My job, in regards to Otter, right now is to ensure that he is a happy, healthy, confident puppy. Otter comes to work with me every day and comes home with me every night. We train at home, in the office, at grocery stores, malls, doctor’s offices and anywhere else in public we get the chance. While we are regularly working on his obedience and task training, he is a puppy before all else and has every right to express normal puppy behavior. As his confidence and distraction awareness increases, we will continue to introduce different commands and tasks for him to learn until he is ready to be placed with his family as a working service dog.

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My husband and I are fortunate to have many wonderful friends and family members. And they know we are the proud Dads of Arlie, Atticus and Foster. And most importantly, they know all three are rescue pups, homeless when we brought them home.

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Jaye never shys away from the tough cases. During times where we've needed emergency fosters, Jaye has been there. When we desperately needed a foster for a hospice dog, Jaye stepped up. There's never a case too hard to handle for Jaye and this type of dedication and patience inspires us every single day. Read more about Jaye's story in our latest volunteer profile:

Alexis 1

Alexis is the jack of all trades: she fosters special needs dogs, she fosters kittens and she even helps out with our shelter marketing! We all kinda want to be like Alexis when we grow up. Read her inspiring volunteer profile below!

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Wonder what Otter's up to this Spring? Check out his training schedule!

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My first dog was a pit bull named Lulu. As a first-time dog owner, I had no clue what to do. We relied on the kindness of friendly faces at our local pet store and throughout this dog-loving city. Over time, I got the right gear and figured out a few things along the way. Of course, I also got a few things wrong.  
Lulu didn’t judge.  
She greeted each day with love and enthusiasm. Some of my best lessons came from the other end of the leash. Lulu taught me to recognize each day as a new opportunity.  In honor of Lulu, I want to share a few tips that will beneficial for dog owners, particularly if it’s your first time with a dog.

Otter 2Hi friends! Otter here -

I’m going on week 12 of life, and just wanted to tell you about all the cool things that have been happening so far!

In case you haven’t yet heard, I was born in the shelter. The shelter was nice and the people were friendly, but it was no place for a puppy. So me, my 8 siblings and my mom got to go stay with a foster in their home until we were old enough to be adopted. She took such good care of us but alas, it was time for us all to go our separate ways.

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