We are so proud to be Atlantans. And when we watched our Atlanta Falcons clinch the NFC Championship, we knew we had to celebrate! On Super Bowl Sunday, adoption fees for dogs over 25lbs and all cats will be waived at all four of our shelter locations. It's time to RISE UP, Atlanta!

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Our LifeLine county shelters get an average of 40 - 60 animals per day. From owner surrenders to cruelty cases to strays off the streets, we take care of more animals than any other animal welfare organization in Georgia. 

Sometimes you just want to remind one of your favorite dogs that there's more to life than the shelter. Magnum had a great time at a local park with two of our volunteers on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. He was a gentleman and soaked up all the love given to him on his special outing. 

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1008161538b 1When your greatest passion is making a meaningful difference in the lives of animals, few jobs are more rewarding and challenging than those at county animal shelters. LifeLine employees’ diverse talents and varied backgrounds enhance their ability to make that meaningful difference every day.  Such is the case with LifeLine’s Fulton County Animal Services Officer Dena Gardner.

15871629 10154783180666788 3687279136304323094 nLet's make 2017 their year! The year for homeless animals in Atlanta. The year for incredible transformations. The year for thousands of Happily Ever Afters. The year we support our local county shelters. The year we end the euthanasia of healthy and treatable dogs and cats in metro Atlanta shelters. The year we make our county shelters "lifesaving shelters".

Are you IN?

Violet (known as Mariah at the shelter), came into our Fulton County Animal Services shelter scared and defeated. She was living in the woods with multiple other dogs when we were finally able to catch her. When she first arrived, she is what we would call a "semi-feral" dog. 


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As we reach the end of 2016, we at LifeLine Animal Project are grateful for so many things. First and foremost, we are thankful for the generosity of so many loyal supporters like you!

One of our biggest advocates, our board chair Anisa Telwar Kaicker, along with her team at Anisa International, is demonstrating enormous faith in our work by offering an amazing match donation. Last year, she offered to match year-end gifts up to $25,000.

If you don't follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you probably haven't heard about our #SpoilASenior Day! Each week, we spoil a senior from one of our shelters in Atlanta. These days are filled with Bully Sticks and Puppachinos and lots of kisses. We started this campaign to not only increase exposure for our much-deserving senior pets, but to also dispel common myths about senior pets: that they are too old or too sick to make a great family pet.

Dear Animal Lover and Concerned Citizen,

My first animal shelter job was at a limited admission, no-kill animal shelter in Clay County, Florida. Our staff “screened” and denied just about 75% of the people who applied to adopt our residents. We were very protective over the cats and dogs we rescued, rehabilitated and shed tears over. The reasons for these denials were exactly what some have expressed concern over… their financial situation, their home wasn’t “suitable”, their current dogs weren’t neutered/vaccinated, there was no history of heartworm preventative, or the cardinal sin of previously returning a shelter pet. I did this for seven years, and the community of potential adopters eventually disappeared. I don’t blame them. We housed about 30 dogs and 30 cats at that shelter. Most of them were there for several months and many of them were there for several years.

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Founded in 2002 and now managing DeKalb and Fulton County Animal Services, LifeLine Animal Project is the leading non-profit organization working to end the euthanasia of healthy and treatable dogs and cats in metro Atlanta shelters. Together, we will make Atlanta a no-kill community.

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