Our Dog for the Day program is a great way for our shelter pups to get out of the shelter for the day and decompress! It's such a fun opportunity, not only for our volunteers, but for our dogs as well! Read what our volunteers had to say about their pup + their day out!

Jerry Lee

When Snow came into our Fulton County Animal Services location, he was covered in demodex mange. He felt horrible and wasn't recovering quickly in the shelter environment.

There's something special about a pup with a big ol' head and a smile that lights up the room! In fact, we love these blocky-heads so much, that we decided to celebrate them on the 17th. This year, we celebrated St. Pitty's Day with $17 adoptions and lots of smiles! Check out our St. Pitty's Day staff picks below!


Join us for Healthy Pets Fulton in Washington Park on April 1st! We will be providing free vaccinations, microchipping, spay/neuter vouchers, pet supplies and more!

Spring is almost here! And as we begin to move into the spring and summer months, our Atlanta shelters experience the highest intake of the year! With an average intake of 50 animals per day, it's more important than ever to be #In4LifeLine. We've put together 7 ways you can give back to Atlanta's animals this Spring:

Lap dogs come in all shapes and sizes! From cuddly cats to 70-pound pitties, we have some of the best lap dogs around! Don't judge them by how they appear - all of these pets are lap dogs at heart!


Their heads may be big, but their hearts are even bigger! Here are our blocky-headed favorites this week:




Our LifeLine county shelters get an average of 40 - 60 animals per day. From owner surrenders to cruelty cases to strays off the streets, we take care of more animals than any other animal welfare organization in Georgia. 

Safer Atlanta 5

It's no secret that larger, metropolitan cities in the United States are faced with a roaming dog problem, including many of our neighborhoods in Atlanta. Some of these dogs are strays and some are owned, but all have one thing in common: they are usually uncared for, unsocialized and they sometimes pose a threat to public safety. 

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