Happy Endings

Grandma Dot 1

Grandma Dot came into our care as an unwanted pit bull mix, who had obviously been bred too much. She was high heartworm positive and was showing signs of heart disease due to heartworms. And on top of it all, she was deaf and dog reactive.

But there was something special about Grandma Dot that our staff and volunteers picked up on immediately. She was calm and docile and amazing with people and kids. She would look up at you with her big brown eyes and wag her tail feverishly every time you walked into her kennel. She'd calmly wait for you to sit down and then she would back herself up into you, sitting right down on your lap. She became our favorite for Dog for the Day and our go-to dog whenever we had a kid-friendly event. Ask anyone at LifeLine and they will tell you that Grandma Dot is amazing.

After being in our care for a few months, our veterinary staff started to notice something was a little off. After a full workup, it was determined that Grandma Dot had terminal lymphoma and didn't have much longer to live.

Our hearts were broken. But we knew we had to do everything in our power to find Grandma Dot a home for whatever time she had left. 

A pet-free foster hospice (fospice) home was a tall order. But we knew we had to try. 

Grandma Dot’s life changed forever the day Jessica signed up to volunteer with us. As she was going through her orientation, Jessica was introduced to Grandma Dot and her story. Jessica didn’t have any pets and wanted to help in any way that she could. She signed up for our foster program and became Grandma Dot’s fospice mom.Grandma Dot in Car

Jessica not only committed to fostering Grandma Dot for however long she had left, but she committed to loving her. To soaking up every single second. To spoiling her, and cuddling with her, and advocating for her. 

For the first time in Grandma Dot’s life, she is home.

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