Happy Endings

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"My husband and I were visiting DeKalb County Animal Services to meet Beauty (who was named Linda at the time). While we were standing at her kennel waiting for a kennel tech to bring her to the meet and greet area, we noticed sweet Chuey looking up at us from the kennel next to us with the most charming, lovable look on his face and we were instantly connected. According to his records, he was a senior boy, had been in the shelter for quite a few months, was a staff favorite, but unfortunately had also been placed on the Urgent list.

The staff member who had chosen him as his favorite even came over to show us how well Chuey had learned to sit and what a good boy he was. We were sold. Being the massive softies and animal lovers that we are, we were automatically invested and immediately started planning how we could fit both Chuey and Beauty into our lives.

Our meet and greet with Beauty then turned into a meet and greet with Beauty, Chuey, myself and my husband! Considering the fact that they are both large "bully breeds", we were all hoping that this would go well! And it did. It was as if they had been best buddies for years and they were simply hanging out together for the 500th time. We were all amazed and so very happy. We filled out the paperwork that day.

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After waiting on Chuey to be vetted and neutered, I received the news that his Heartworm test came back "strong positive" and was asked if we wanted to continue the adoption process. My husband and I continued the process without question!

Chuey has spent his time with us enjoying his dear friend Beauty by his side and stealing as many blankets and comfy spots on the couch as he can. He loves kitties and walks, popsicles and rolling around on any particularly soft patch of grass he comes across. Whenever he sees a treat he wants or a kitty he wants to play with he makes the most bizarre chirping/whining sound that sounds exactly like Chewbacca and that is how he got his name.

Amazingly, in pure diva Chuey style, he became sick on Christmas Day 2016... as the rest of our family sat down to dinner we were rushing him to the emergency vet after he had spent the morning vomiting and refusing to eat. After searching for answers we were told that his ultrasound had shown masses on his spleen and that he would need surgery ASAP. Chuey is no spring chicken and we were worried about how hard this operation would be on him and concerned that he may not even survive surgery. After lots of tears and weighing our pros and cons we decided that we owed it to him to at least try. The staff at Lanier Animal Hospital were able to successfully remove his spleen that turned out to be COVERED in tumors. We patiently waited for the pathology results after his procedure and of course, we received them right at New Years. Chuey was diagnosed with aggressive hemangiosarcoma that has a very grim mortality rate. We were given approximately 1-3 months with our dear Chuey boy to take him home and have as much fun as we possibly can cram into them. We are now over one month post-op and taking everything day-by-day. He is still as happy as a clam and spoiled rotten.

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We had never adopted a pit bull before and I had never spent time with one his size. Chuey has truly changed us and shown us what a beautiful breed he is a part of. He is such a strong, loving, and gentle old man and we are so honored to have saved him and given him this time with his best friend, Beauty, who he loves so so much. We have been with him from the Urgent list to battling the Heartworms, to the emergency hospitalization on Christmas Day and then the rough surgery the very next day. We also can't forget the weeks post-op having to medicate his grumpy self every 8 hours! I am so happy to have been his nurse (let the record state that I was the one who wrote charts, schedules and medicine alarms and hand fed him boiled chicken and rice while the husband was at work) and I would gladly do it all over again for such an amazing little animal. Thank you so much for bringing Chuey boy into our lives, we could never put into words just how much he has meant to us."

-Harley Kemp, Chuey's amazing Mom

This year, Chuey got to celebrate his birthday among people that love him:

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