Happy Endings

Screen Shot 2016 10 11 at 5.37.55 PMOnce upon a time, two year’s ago, a fifth grade teacher named Tif decided it was time to add another dog to her family.  She already had a small dog named Manly who she often took to school with her, and she wanted Manly to have a doggie sibling.  So Tif went down to Fulton County Animal Services to look for the perfect dog, and within minutes of meeting him, she fell in love with Gary.

Screen Shot 2016 10 11 at 5.40.07 PMGary was quite a unique boy who did funny things from day one.  Soon after she adopted him, Tif came home from school one day to find Gary stuck on top of the refrigerator, too scared to come down!  He also loved to climb up on kitchen counters (but never disturbed the glass jars), and his favorite position to sleep in was, and still is, upside down.

Gary, who weighs 65 lbs., and Manly, who weighs 10 lbs., quickly became best friends.  They sleep together, play together and basically spend all of their time together, despite their size difference.  However, little Manly let Gary know from the beginning that he is the ruler of the house, and Gary doesn’t seem to mind at all.

After Gary become acclimated to his new home, Tif decided he was ready to go to school, so she took him to meet her class.  Gary was the perfect gentlemen with the children, and he was happy to be with them, even when they mobbed him with love. Since Tif’s students had given Manly a last name (McQueen), they decided that Gary needed one too, so they christened him Gary Fishlegs.

Since that first visit, Gary Fishlegs has gone to school every month over the past two years to be with the children that he absolutely adores.  Last year as a special surprise to her students, Tif had Gary’s picture put in the yearbook, and the kids were delighted to see their favorite canine pictured as a classmate!  Gary is now a class favorite who loves receiving hugs, and will sit with any child who is willing to give him a lap.

GaryTif says that Gary is wonderful to have at school, because he helps to lower the students’ stress levels and creates a calmer atmosphere.  Gary has also shown the children that Pitbulls can be wonderful, funny and amazing dogs.

In addition to attending school, Gary has completed his Canine Good Citizen certification, and he is a doggie gym rat.  He regularly goes to the Crossfit gym with Tif, where he enjoys taking part in the running workouts as well as sitting on the couch and greeting everyone who walks into the facility. 

Gary has settled down at home and rarely surfs the counters anymore, but he continues to keep everyone smiling with his silly and loving personality. 

And Gary Fishlegs, Manly McQueen and Tif lived happily ever after!

Screen Shot 2016 10 11 at 5.41.33 PM

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