Hosting fee-waived adoption events is one way that LifeLine is able to create a buzz of excitement, bring more people into our shelters and find more animals loving homes. We sometimes receive questions regarding the quality of adoptions at these events. However, according to numerous studies, along with our own experience, fee-waived promotions increase adoptions without compromising the quality of care that the animals receive.

Additionally, our experienced Adoption Counselors meet with every adopter to ensure that the adoption is a good fit for their family and for their new pet. Occasionally, our Adoption Counselors find that the fit is not ideal, and encourage the adopter to select a different pet. Every animal is an individual, and we keep their best interests at heart.

During LifeLine's recent lifesaving fee-waived adoption event in June, we received many heartfelt emails, comments, and social media posts from people who have adopted our pets. We are honored to be part of these happily ever afters. Take a look below! 

Want to learn more about our philosphy on adoptions? Read an open letter from Lara Hudson, Fulton County Animal Services Director, about LifeLine's open adoptions policy.



Amelia and Junie

"I am so glad you guys had your fee waived adoptions, otherwise, I never would have found Junie! She has been amazing since day one, she bonded really quickly to me and no matter what we are doing she loves to be close to me. So in the car, she curls up and puts her nose on my leg and when we go on runs she is constantly looking back to check on me. She is, by far, the best shelter dog I have ever adopted!" - Amelia



"We lost our ginger tabby in April, and it broke our hearts and left his kitty sister mourning. A week before I came back into your shelter, I dreamed about a grey tabby kitten. Then a friend posted a Lifeline adoption story on her Facebook page. I clicked onto the page for kittens and one picture got me off the couch and out the door in the rain. I knew there would be somebody who needed me but had no expectation of THAT kitten being “the” someone. The end of the story comes with the awesome counselor, who knew nothing of what was going on in my head, snagging a kitten and putting her in my arms. It was the kitten from my dream, of course, a tiny grey tabby with a sweet disposition, bossy manner, and an excellent purr."


"After ten days at home with us, nine-week-old Luna is running the joint. Her much bigger “sister” Tonks is no longer lonesome and Jack the dog, 14 million times her size, just goes in the opposite direction." - Kathy


Mufasa & Artemis

Sarah and Musafa

"We came to your shelter during the fee-waived adoption event to adopt a cat, but ended up adopting a dog too! We adopted new family members Mufasa and Artemis. Mufasa (dog) is a big ole baby who is very sweet, extremely well trained and really comfortable with us! Though he really wants to be friends with Artemis (cat), she's not having it! Hopefully, she will eventually let him become friends with her!" - Sarah




"We adopted Ivo on June 9th. He already gets along great with our other cat and is an expert at photo-bombing the dogs! We love him!" - Carisa




"This is Luna (formerly-known-as Tarasheal). We got her in October at a fee-waived event. We knew we wanted another Pit to add to our pack. Kids were loving on a puppy and we took the pup outside. On our way back in, I saw Luna laying on a cot with the saddest look on her face like she’d given up. Dogs were trampling her and I pointed her out to family and said 'this one needs us!' We took her home an hour later and she’s all smiles and grunts and love all the time!" - Callie




"This is Lana. I began fostering her when she stopped eating at Fulton County Animal Services and later adopted her at a free adoption event. Now she’s living large on my couch. - Erin


We love hearing about the amazing matches made during our fee-waived adoption event. Here are a few more photos of very happy new pet parents!


free adoptions


free adoptions


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