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LifeLine loves the many letters and emails we receive from people about our former shelter pets! In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing a few of our favorite love notes with you.


Amani and Ginger

Ginger was abandoned in a laundry mat parking lot, and no owner could be located, so I took her in. Despite the fact that I have my own rescues and limited funds, I was not going to abandon her. I reached out to LifeLine Animal Project and they got Ginger her shots and spay surgery... It makes me feel very humble and blessed to receive help and support from LifeLine. I honestly cannot express my gratitude... Thank you all for helping to give animals a better future.

Amani and Ginger


Prancer web

I adopted the amazing, graceful Prancer from LifeLine... I got her approved to be my emotional support animal at my University. I've struggled with depression and anxiety almost my whole life and no medicine helps the same way an animal does...The first moment I met her, she curled up in my lap and went to sleep. She now plays with toys and meows at me to get my attention. She's warmed my heart and done so much for me. Thank you for making this friendship possible! I don't know what I'd do without my new best friend.



Nova web

Thank you for bringing Nova into our lives. We love her so much!



Morocco and Austrialia 480x640

Morocco and Australia (now Luna and Leo) are loving their new home!  They are a joy and a great addition to our family.  Thank you!



Adam web

Two years ago my wife and I drove from Dallas, Texas to adopt, Adam, an urgent dog at LifeLine’s Fulton County shelter.  He now weighs 105 pounds and DNA test show he iis a Presa Canario. He is now my wife’s support animal and is sweet beyond description. He is protective of 75-year-old mommy and daddy and has prevented two mugging attempts so far. Thanks for making it happen. We love him dearly and can't envision life without him.     

Carl and Deloris



It’s been two years since I adopted Harrison (formerly Spotsworth). We are now in Tallahassee, and Harrison has a great life. He loves playing with tennis balls and swimming in the lake. This is Harrison celebrating his adoption anniversary. I want to thank you guys for connecting me with him. He makes me so happy.



Sweet Charlie

Sweet Charlie loves to be held and cuddled 24/7. If you sit next to her on the couch, within 20 seconds she will find a way to be on our laps or have her head nuzzled into us. Her favorite place to be is on the couch, smushed between both of us! Thank you all again for taking care of her until she found her forever home. I knew when I saw the video that she was meant to be ours. We can't thank you enough!   




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