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As Sumeet is leaving our organization for another adventure, we wanted to share with you one of our most dedicated volunteers. Sumeet has been instrumental for our organization, from dog-walking to fostering cats from a hoarding case. But our favorite thing about Sumeet is his ability to approach difficult situations with a smile. You will never meet a more friendly or compassionate person, and for that, we are so thankful. Read more about Sumeet's story in our latest volunteer profile:

What made you get involved with LifeLine?

After coming to the US as a working immigrant, I left my family and circle of friends behind. I was in this new country with a different mindset and idea of socializing and I didn't wanted to feel alone. I soon found out the normal bar-hopping routine doesn't works for me. I started volunteering at the local shelter in Collierville, Tennessee. The staff was wonderful and soon embraced me. I could talk about stuff I knew about and loved: dogs. 

When my job moved me to Atlanta, I started looking for similar place. I came across LifeLine through an advertisement and did orientation at the old DeKalb shelter. I was overwhelmed by the scene there. The dogs needed more people. No other activity was more worth it now. I ditched sleeping in on Sundays. Dog walking had to become a priority. Even being able to bring 6 dogs to breathe outside the shelter made me smile. The staff and the volunteer groups are so friendly and soon became the friends I never had here.

What is your favorite volunteer activity?

My favorite volunteer activity would be playing with the dogs. I love to break the shells of broken or scared dogs and will put extra effort to come show us their true colors at their own pace.

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How were you able to use your unique set of skills to help LifeLine?
I haven't used my degree for any use for LifeLine yet, but I do use my dog skills to improve the dogs and influence people into choosing the right fit for them. I have worked with strays all my kid to college life, handling bottle-fed puppies to caring for injured, alpha dogs. i have worked with whole packs at a time, feeding them all together. So single-leashed dogs were a cake walk.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about volunteering?
Save money. Skip the gym, walk dogs! On serious notes, volunteering changes your outlook towards life. You see departures of dear friends into new homes and get happy instead of being sad. You try not to cry when a sweet 8-year-old kid gets kisses from a dog who was deemed aggressive and is ready for his new best friend. You develop a bigger heart. And you are not alone in here. Sharing a cause is better than sharing a beer.


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