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Jaye never shys away from the tough cases. During times where we've needed emergency fosters, Jaye has been there. When we desperately needed a foster for a hospice dog, Jaye stepped up. There's never a case too hard to handle for Jaye and this type of dedication and patience inspires us every single day. Read more about Jaye's story in our latest volunteer profile:

What made you get involved with LifeLine?
I got involved with Lifeline because 6 years ago when I was in high school I found a stray dog. I kept her and desperately tried to find a home for her until I had to leave for college and I had to take her to the old DeKalb shelter. I never forgot about her (she actually got picked up by a rescue) and vowed to help more dogs in the ways I couldn't help her. And now I foster for LifeLine!

What is your favorite volunteer activity?

I don't usually volunteer at the shelters, because I have so many dogs at the house. But I almost always have at least two fosters from either DeKalb or Fulton shelters!

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How were you able to use your unique set of skills to help LifeLine?
Many of the dogs I own came from neglectful pasts and initially had some form of aggression problems. I was able to work through that with them and I try to choose fosters who maybe need someone to take that extra mile and teach them manners with other dogs, cats and people to give them the happiest life and best chance of adoption. I also have a huge soft spot for old, crusty pitties.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about volunteering?
Advice I would give to people starting out as fosters or volunteers is to think about what these animals are going through. You aren't meeting them on the best day of their life when they are in the shelter, in fact you may be meeting them on their worst day. Be patient and meet them where they are. As a foster I have learned that it takes weeks for them to show their true personality and settle in and that patience is what they need!


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