Otter 2Hi friends! Otter here -

I’m going on week 12 of life, and just wanted to tell you about all the cool things that have been happening so far!

In case you haven’t yet heard, I was born in the shelter. The shelter was nice and the people were friendly, but it was no place for a puppy. So me, my 8 siblings and my mom got to go stay with a foster in their home until we were old enough to be adopted. She took such good care of us but alas, it was time for us all to go our separate ways.

Around this time, my human mom started looking at lots of different dogs for what she was calling a “special project”. I didn’t know she was my human mom at the time but she took me into a room and made lots of weird, loud noises, let me touch lots of cool things I’ve never seen before, and gave me treats if I would do this thing called “sit”. After she looked at some other dogs and took me home for a sleepover, she came back and told me all about the special job that I have.

I don’t mean to brag, but my human mom said that since I’m so smart, calm and eager to learn (and handsome too), that I am going to spend the next year with her until I can go on and help someone else. We have been spending the last two weeks getting to know each other and working on things like crate training and walking on a leash. Now I’m learning my first set of commands: Sit, paw, stay and place. Sometimes I even get a yummy treat in exchange for showing how smart I am!

Otter 3

As I grow, I am going to learn more and more things about how best I can serve a person in need. We train every single day, but my human mom knows I’m still a puppy and thinks it’s important that I have time to act like one too. My mom also told me that service dog work is very demanding and that not every dog is meant to do it. She said that if I ever get too stressed out or decide that working life isn’t for me, then that’s okay too and I will be able to live with another family as a therapy dog or forever pet.

Otter 5

But for now, I’m living large with my human mom and my fur siblings Chance, Charlie and Hogan. They are busy showing me the ropes and like to play with me in the morning so I can sleep in my mom’s office all day long. I am so excited to meet all of my new two and four-legged LifeLine friends, but I do ask that if you see me in my working vest, please ask my mom before petting me.

And if you ever have any questions about my training, service dog etiquette or why I was picked for this special dog, please don’t hesitate to ask either! Part of my training is being an ambassador for others like me, so we are happy to help educate at any time.

Until next time,


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