Erick wanted to keep his best friend safe, and our Pets for Life program helped him do just that!

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Pets for Life Director Andrea Peterson met Erick when he and his family were attending LifeLine’s Healthy Pets Fulton event with their two dogs. Erick told Andrea that he was concerned that Junior would get injured or lost, because the dog often jumped their fence to go “lady chasing.” Erick had tried everything he could to keep Junior from jumping the fence, including hammering scrap wood and doors onto their fence to it to make it higher and harder to jump, but Junior was still getting out. When Andrea explained that having the dogs fixed would solve Junior’s lady-chasing problem, Erick enthusiastically agreed to it!

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Our Pets for Life program aims to bridge the gap, providing pet resources to communities where there are few or none. So although Erick and his family have no car and no way to transport their dogs to the vet, we were able to transport the dogs for them, since they live in one of our Pets for Life focus areas. On the morning of the dogs’ appointments, Andrea found Erick waiting for her outside, choosing to walk to school that day instead of catching his usual bus, so that he could hug his best friends goodbye. And after surgery, when Andrea brought the dogs home, Erick was again waiting outside. Andrea was impressed with how thoroughly Erick reviewed every detail of the dogs’ aftercare instructions, asking her questions and ensuring he knew exactly how to care for them after their surgeries.

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A week later, Andrea visited Erick and his dogs again, this time with a runner and a crate for Junior to help keep him safe both indoors and out. Many of those helped by this free program stick around to pay it back and pay it forward, becoming volunteers, advocates, ambassadors and even partners. Erick is very appreciative of our help and happy that his beloved dog will be safe. And we won’t be surprised a bit if Erick becomes an advocate for spay/neuter in his community, and the positive ripple effect continues.

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LifeLine Animal Project is a proud recipient of funding from Maddie’s Fund® (, helping to achieve a no-kill nation #ThanksToMaddie.

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