DeKalb County Animal Services' foster pup, Winnie, took a road trip for the holidays and we followed along! From Georgia to Cincinnati, Winnie had a blast on her holiday adventures!

Winnie 11

Day 1

Winnie 3

Winnie 8

Before leaving, Winnie made sure to try on some of her fancy clothes for her big trip! After a long drive through Tennessee, Winnie couldn't wait to visit some of her ancestors in the horse country of Kentucky, (Winnie is fondly nicknamed the bucking Bronco because of her silly twirls in the air when she's excited!) Winnie thought they might not recognize her as a dog, so she put on her special horse costume. Following that inspirational experience, Winnie went on to learn more history from a man that sat on a bench and never moved. Winnie didn't understand how a human could hold so still for so long, but she enjoyed sitting with him and pondering life.

Day 2

Winnie 4

Winnie 5

Finally, Winnie reached the banks of the mighty Ohio river! She gazed in awe at the water and even wore her finest lobster attire, because she thought she'd be joining all of the sea creatures for a swim across the vast river! After explaining to her that lobsters don't actually live in the Ohio river, and it was too cold for swimming anyway, she changed into her fancy clothes for her venture into the city.

Day 3

Winnie 10

When Winnie finally reached the ultimate destination, she was delighted to discover a big fuzzy four-legged friend! Winnie's never gotten to spend much time with others like herself, and she soon discovered what an absolute pleasure it can be! He showed her the ropes, taught her how to get around the yard and up and down those tricky stairs, and quickly they became besties! Winnie enjoyed meeting lots of new people, gazing at new scenery and exploring all the new sights and scents.

Final Day

Winnie 7

Winnie had an absolute blast traveling with us to Cincinnati! She enjoyed meeting lots of new people, gazing at new scenery and exploring all the new sights and scents. After a long car ride of being quiet as a mouse on the way back to Georgia, Winnie slowly walked up to her foster home, made it onto her big bed, curled up in a cozy blanket, and swiftly drifted off to sweet dreams of her big adventure! 

Although Winnie loves her foster home, she's ready for her forever! Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about this precious pup!

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