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FREE adoptions on select shelter animals! This October, Fall in Love with a Shelter Sweetheart! Shelter Sweethearts have already been spayed or neutered and are ready to go home with you TODAY. The best part? Their adoption is free! We have over 1,200 homeless pets in our care who would love to meet you. View a few of our staff favorites below or stop by one of our LifeLine locations and meet your very own Shelter Sweetheart!

Madam Grace 1

Madame Grace was found by our officers wandering as a stray on Halloween. She is an old pup who's had a hard life, up until now. We don't know how much time Madame Grace has left with us, due to her age and medical conditions, so we want to make the time she has left as special as possible. Can you help? We've put together a Bucket List of Madame Grace's favorite things:

1. Eat a King of Pups - If there's one thing we know about Madame Grace, it's that she loves eating!

  • Has this been filled? No
  • Who can qualify? Current Fulton Animal Services volunteers!
  • How you can help: Stop by the King of Pops location in Inman Park or Old Fourth Ward and grab a King of Pups for Madame Grace (make sure to tell them LifeLine sent you!) Deliver the King of Pups to our Fulton County Animal Services location at 860 Marietta Blvd NW Atlanta, GA 30318 anytime during our normal business hours!

2. Raise $5,000 for Madame's shelter friends - Every day, 40-60 animals come through our shelter doors, just like Madame Grace. You can sponsor their care with a donation this January! Madame Grace is hoping to raise $5,000 for her friends at our shelters.

  • Has this been filled? No.
  • Who can qualify? Anyone!
  • How you can help: Donate below!

3. Take a selfie - Madame Grace has never taken a selfie in her entire life and we just have to do something about that!

  • Has this been filled? Yes!
  • Who can qualify? Current Fulton Animal Services volunteers!
  • How you can help: Stop by our Fulton County Animal Services location at 860 Marietta Blvd NW Atlanta, GA 30318 anytime during our normal business hours and take a selfie with Madame Grace.

4. Make our senior pet wish list come true - Can't adopt or foster a senior pet right now? Donate an item from our shelter wishlist, geared towards our senior pets, just like Madame Grace!

5. Eat a puppachino - This gal is all about food! You can make Madame Grace's day by grabbing a puppachino from Dancing Goats, Starbucks or ChocoLatte and bringing it to our shelter!

  • Has this been filled? No.
  • Who can qualify? Current Fulton Animal Services volunteers!
  • How you can help: Grab a puppachino and deliver it to our Fulton County Animal Services location at 860 Marietta Blvd NW Atlanta, GA 30318 anytime during our normal business hours!

6. Help out a friend in need - This Black Friday, choose to #AdoptDontShop and open your home to a homeless shelter pet in need! We have hundreds in our care that would love to meet you. 

  • Has this been filled? Yes! 337 pets found their forever homes during Black Friday weekend!
  • Who can qualify? Anyone!
  • How you can help: Meet your new BFF today!

7. Eat an Impossible Burger from Grindhouse - Did we mention that Madame Grace loves to eat?

  • Has this been filled? No.
  • Who can qualify? Current Fulton Animal Services volunteers!
  • How you can help: Grab an Impossible Burger from any Grindhouse Burgers location and deliver it to our Fulton County Animal Services location at 860 Marietta Blvd NW Atlanta, GA 30318 anytime during our normal business hours!

8. Have an entire basket of toys to herself - After a long day of lounging around, Madame Grace loves chewing on an array of dog toys.

9. Find a fospice family - Madame Grace deserves to know love outside of our shelter walls. She'd love a quiet place to relax and a soft bed to lay her head on. We'll provide all of the supplies and support you need; you just provide the love!

  • Has this been filled? Yes!
  • Who can qualify? Anyone!
  • How you can help: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up a meet and greet with Madame Grace!


Looking to adopt a pet from a LifeLine shelter? Check out our Adoption FAQ's below! Our adoptions process includes all LifeLine locations, including Fulton County Animal Services, DeKalb County Animal Services, LifeLine Dog House & Kitty Motel and the LifeLine Cat Adoption Center.

Where can I find all of your available animals: Our website is updated in real-time, so we always reflect the dogs currently available at each of our locations. You are also welcome to visit any shelter location and speak to an adoptions counselor about the type of pet you're looking for.

Where can I adopt an animal: You can view all of our shelter locations here. Be sure to also check out our off-site adoption events.

Where do your animals come from: LifeLine serves all of the neglected, abused or homeless animals in Fulton and DeKalb County. Our county shelters are open admission shelters, which we means we take in any animal that comes in our doors, including owner surrenders, stray animals and cruelty cases. Currently, we receive an average of 40-60 new animals each day.

What is the fee to adopt a pet: The adoption fee for dogs is $85 and the adoption fee for cats is $65. For people 55 years old or older, cats and dogs can be adopted for $40. We waive fees throughout the year, so be sure to stay up to date with our fee-waived promotions by following us on Facebook.

Do you offer any discounts for Veterans: Yes, eligible pets may be adopted for free through our partnership with Pets for Patriots. Learn more or sign up here.

How old do I need to be to adopt a pet: You need to be at least 18 years old to adopt.

What is required to adopt a pet: Our shelters require the following:

  • Adopters must be 18 years old with a valid I.D.
  • All potential adopters will be asked to complete a preliminary questionnaire and meet with an adoptions counselor.
  • Meet and greets with resident animals is not a requirement, but it's always encouraged. We have staff on hand that can assist you with the meet and greet to ensure its a good fit.

Are animals spayed/neutered prior to adoption: Yes, LifeLine provides a complete medical examination, including spay/neuter, vaccination, canine heartworm or feline combo testing and a microchip, for every animal before adoption. This is a great value for adopters and ensures that adopted animals do not contribute to unwanted pets in our community.

Can I take my pet home the same day I finalize the adoption paperwork: If a pet is already spayed/neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, they will be able to go home with their new family the same day they are adopted. These pets will have a green kennel card on their kennel in the shelter. Pets that are not already spayed or neutered are still available for adoption, but need to stay at the shelter to be spayed or neutered by our veterinarian, at no cost to you. We will schedule this date and arrange a pick-up time with the adopter at the time of the initial adoption.

Do you do out of state adoptions: Yes, we do allow out of state adoptions. However, we cannot provide transport.

Why do you offer free adoptions: LifeLine strives to implement and recognize best adoption practices at all of our shelters. Research and current LifeLine policies demonstrate that waived adoption fees do not reduce the value of the animal to the adopter. In fact, we've found that waiving fees allows the adopter to spend that money on things that really matter, like pet supplies, food or vet care. We understand that placing animals with adoptive families is complex and our ultimate goal is to save lives. Each fee-waived adopter is screened by an adoptions counselor and required to meet adoption

Can I put a pet on hold: No, our pets are adopted on a first-come-first-serve basis and pets cannot be put on hold.

What is a stray-hold: When a pet comes into our care as a stray animal, we hold the pet for three days (seven days if there's a known owner), to give the owners a chance to reclaim. During that time, the pet cannot leave the shelter, but the pet can be pre-adopted. Please check with an adoptions counselor at the specific shelter for more details about this process.

What is your return policy: We allow adopters to return a pet at anytime during shelter hours. Learn more about re-homing your pet here. 


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