Donor Profile: Jason MacDonaldEveryone at LifeLine Animal Project appreciates the great work our supporters do. Read about how one such person, business owner and actor Jason MacDonald, has worked to help homeless pets!

Jason MacDonald and pupsLifeLine Animal Project is lucky to have many unique and dedicated supporters who are an integral part of our lifesaving success. One of those supporters is Jason MacDonald, an animal lover, business owner, former restaurateur and successful actor.

Jason recently collected over $500 worth of dog and cat supplies for LifeLine from students and clients of the acting studio he co-founded called Drama Inc.

We knew that our clients and students were going to bring us all kinds of gifts around the holidays, and we wanted to steer their generosity in another direction by asking them to bring in supplies for LifeLine’s shelter instead,” said Jason. “The response was amazing, and we still managed to get some chocolate and wine!”

When Jason brought the donations to our shelter, we learned that he also happened to be the actor in our new “Max” video clip about the homeless dog who is rescued by a kind man (played by Jason). Additionally, the dog in the video, Desi, was rescued and saved in real-life by Jason.

Desi lived in our neighborhood in a very bad situation, so I brought him food every day,” said Jason. “When Desi’s owners moved, they left him behind, so I took him in and then a neighbor adopted him. He has turned out to be the most amazing dog ever, and I still get to play with him since he lives close by.”

Jason first learned about LifeLine in 2007 after finding a “scrappy little puppy” and having her spayed at our clinic. Although he had planned on finding her a home, eight years’ later, she is one of his beloved family members.

He got even more involved with LifeLine in 2009, when he was the co-owner of Stone Soup Kitchen in Grant Park. “Every day on the way to work, I’d see a chained up pit bull puppy who was mistreated,” says Jason. “I began bringing him food and even spoke to the puppy’s owners, but they told me that they were trying to make him mean.”

Then one morning, the puppy got off of his chain and Jason lured him into his car with some dog food (which he always keeps on hand). He tried to find somewhere to take the puppy, but the shelters were all full.

Jason MacDonaldFrustrated, he started heading back to work but happened to see a dog adoption event in front of a pet supply store that was being held by LifeLine. “When I told them about the puppy, a really nice woman said they would take him and find him a home.” That woman was LifeLine’s CEO Rebecca Guinn. Jason was so thrilled that vowed to support our work, and for the next three years, he held benefits at his restaurant and donated the proceeds to us.

No longer involved in the restaurant business, Jason is also an accomplished actor. He played Grayson Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries, and has appeared on every New York-based soap opera, including As The World Turns, All My Children, The Guiding Light and as Principal Fletcher on One Life To Live. He has also appeared in many feature films and TV shows, including The Accountant, Life As We Know It, Family That Preys, My Fake Fiance, Necessary Roughness, and Drop Dead Diva, just to name a few.

Jason lives in Atlanta with his wife, actress and television producer, Catherine Dyer and his rescue dogs Gracie and Shane.

Thank you Jason for all you have done and continue to do to support LifeLine!

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