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Author: Cheyenne Hoover

Black and white dog with blue eyes, may not be the assumed breed and helps us understand myths about breed labeling.

Myths About Breed Labeling

There are often preconceived notions made about dogs based on their looks which means the reality is that it can be challenging to place the pet in the home they deserve.

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Black Friday

LifeLine Animal Project Joins Forces with Petco Love to help Clear the Shelters Black Friday Weekend.

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Home for the Pawlidays

LifeLine Animal Project is encouraging residents to bring home a shelter pet during the month of November by reducing all adoptions to just $25 for the remainder of the month.

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The “No-Kill” Controversy

Recent media coverage has called out LifeLine’s “no-kill” philosophy as the culprit in this ongoing crisis, despite the fact that shelters across the country are experiencing the same challenges. We’d

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A Letter From Our CEO

The overcrowding in our county shelters has reached a pivotal breaking point. We are asking you, our community, to be the lifeline the animals so desperately need right now.

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