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Author: Alexis Mobley

volunteer, Deb, hugging a dog who is kissing her

Volunteer Highlight: Deb

From making flyers, to helping adopters find their perfect match, Deb is always there to help. We’re so happy to have Deb as a LifeLine volunteer!

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two dogs and two cats smiling at the camera

I’m In for Atlanta’s Pets

Our mission is to make Atlanta a sustainable no-kill community, by saving every healthy and treatable animal that comes into our care.  That’s where you, our community, comes in. Are you in?

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tan dog sitting down and smiling at the camera
Animal Care

Breaking Down “BSL”

BSL stands for Breed Specific Legislation, where laws are passed pertaining to a specific dog breed or breeds. But how effective is BSL?

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Reducing Dog Bites

From addressing roaming dogs to breed-specific legislation, reducing dog bites is important to keeping Atlanta safe.

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