Moffat's TransformationYou will never believe what this dog looks like underneath this massive mat of hair!

We regularly see some amazing transformations in our shelters. Animals in our care can come from some pretty rough conditions, but with some medical care and the love of our staff, we see the great change that is possible! The Beatles really did get it right with their song…All You Need Is Love.

Moffat the shih tzu is one such pup. He was turned in to LifeLine's Dekalb County Animal Services shelter as a stray, SEVERELY matted to say the least. He had almost no freedom of movement.


Our on-site vet had to sedate Moffet to shave him - and his fur came off mostly in one giant pelt! Afterwords, it was clear that he felt much better. His true, lovable personality emerged and matched his now-visable smile. Once we shared his new look on social media, a rescue immeadiately snatched him up. Moffet is now on his way to a wonderful new life!

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