ATLANTA, GA – November 9, 2017 LifeLine Animal Project has stopped using breed labels to identify dogs at its shelters, including DeKalb County Animal Services, Fulton County Animal Services and the LifeLine Dog House & Kitty Motel. Instead, the organization is helping potential adopters learn about each dog by focusing on the dog’s personality, behavior and how well he or she fits into their lifestyle to create better matches for adopters and dogs.

According to numerous studies, including one in The Veterinary Journal, breed labels are frequently inaccurate and have negative impacts such as breed discrimination and a higher rate of dogs being returned to shelters. One reason why breeds are so often mislabeled, is because only one percent of a dog's DNA determines how the dog will physically look, so there is no accurate way to assess the dog’s breed without papers or a DNA test. 

LifeLine believes that a dog’s label or physical appearance is not an indication of their personality, their behavior, or their suitability for a particular adoption placement, and that removing breed labels gives potential adopters a chance to connect with a dog without being inhibited by breed.

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