Shana loves kitties!Talk about going the extra mile. We recently found this employee climbing the branches of a 50 foot tree.

Shana will do anything to save a cat!We received a wonderful message describing just one example of the great work of our team:

"On Monday, my husband heard a cat crying. Me being the cat lover that I am, I searched the whole area until I found the poor baby up a tree.

We tried everything to we could to get her to come down but she could or would not. My husband even dragged a rickety old ladder across the parking lot to see if we could get to her. But it scared her and she went so high up, there was no way we could have ever gotten to her.

It ripped my heart out to have to go home that night with her still in the tree, hoping she would be down by morning. She wasn't.

I called so many places and spoke to so many people who couldn’t or wouldn't help, I was getting desperate and hope was fading for her. Until I called Fulton County Animal Services and spoke to a wonderful woman named Bridgett. You could hear the caring and concern in her voice as she listened to my story. By the grace of God she put me in touch with Mickie with LifeLine Animal Project. I did not know they existed until then.

Bridgett made the effort to call Mickie herself and had Mickie call me.

You have no idea how such a small thing meant so much. In this chaotic world, to some, the life of a small cat is not important enough and not worth the effort to care. It makes my heart glad to find that there are still people out there like at LifeLine and Fulton County Animal Services that do care and will go above and beyond to help such a helpless animal when there is no monetary gain for them.

Shana from LifeLine came out and had to climb the tree and it took quite a while before they could get her down but they did, with so much care and a strong desire to help her, it left me quite moved. They were so gentle and loving.

It was in the nick of time too. Several hawks had heard her cries and were circling her tree. I am not exaggerating in the slightest. I have video.

I absolutely believe she would have died up there without all involved with her rescue, including Bridget, Mickie and Shana. Please, give them a big hug from me. Mickie told me the little cat has now been fixed and there will be no problem getting her adopted since she is so sweet and her story is so uplifting.

Your facility and people have my undying gratitude and I am hoping to come and volunteer to spend time with your cats. Please let me know if I can do ANYTHING for you. With complete gratitude, thank you."

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