Help Howie's friends get healthier quicker!We need your help to purchase kennels for our new Isolation Recovery Room for dogs with Upper Respiratory Infections. Help dogs like Howie recover quicker and keep our other furry friends healthy.

howie fbLifeLine has helped countless dogs like Howie recover from Upper Respiratory Infections at our DeKalb County shelter. With your support, we'll purchase several banks of Shor-Line recovery kennels and help even more pups.

Upper Respiratory Infections are caused by airborne diseases that cause dogs to cough and feel pretty under the weather. Most recover quickly thanks to our vet staff. But, to keep our pets as happy and healthy as possible, we need an isolated recovery room so the affected animals will not spread their cough to other pets. We are re-purposing an existing room that will be perfect for this and are just missing one very important thing... Shor-Line recovery kennels!

We need your help to raise the funds for these kennels. We already have many preventative measures, including vaccinating every animal that enters our shelter, strict cleaning protocols, and an on-site vet to keep a watchful eye over our dogs. However, an important additional step would be to keep already sick pets isolated from other dogs. With your donation, that can be a reality! Please make a gift today, and note it is for our Isolation Recovery Room. Pups just like Howie will thank you for it!

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