Ember is the toughest kittyEmber came to us with a pelvis that is literally broken in half but you wouldn't know it from how she acts!

Tough Kitty EmberWe knew when Ember came into our care that she was injured, because she showed a little pain in her hind legs. But we didn't know just how bad until the x-rays revealed that Ember's pelvis is literally broken in half!

Ember is underweight and is suffering from some muscle atrophy in her back legs, but this tough girl still walks, purrs and eats just fine.

"She is doing amazingly well, considering her injury. She loves to be held and loves to play," says LifeLine Medical Director Dr. Haines.

Ember is in our free range room at our Cat Adoption Center, and she was actually playing so much that she made herself sore, so we had to put her on cage rest.

At her next appointment in mid January, the doctor will decide what surgery will work best for her situation.

ember xrays01Optimally, the left and right fractures would be repaired with bone plates, but since Ember is walking and playing in spite of the fractures, there may be several options for her.

We don't know how much Ember's treatment and rehabilitation is going to cost, but we are not giving up on this sweetie. Please stay tuned to our facebook page for updates on her and, if you can, please contribute to Ember's care here. This tough little girl will thank you for it!

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