We need foster homes!Opening your heart and home is an important part of saving a life. Fostering a pet is one of the most direct ways you can help a homeless pet!

Foster some kittens!LifeLine Animal Project is looking for dedicated volunteers in the metro Atlanta area to become foster parents for our Atlanta shelter pets.

Foster homes are needed for small and large dogs alike, as well as young kittens and nursing moms, older kittens and older adult cats.

LifeLine pays for all medical costs but you provide the nurturing environment for these animals awaiting their forever home.

Types of Fostering Available

Conventional Foster – This typical fostering situation provides the animal with more opportunities for socialization, exploration, and expressing a wide range of normal behaviors that are difficult to achieve in a shelter environment. It also increases exposure to potential adopters and access to training.

Kittens – Each year, the LifeLine welcomes hundreds of baby kittens born during "kitten season," which starts in early spring. Many of these kittens are too young to be adopted, and need a safe place to grow and play until they can be spay/neutered. Kitten foster periods typically range from two-to-six weeks.

Some kittens may come with a nursing mother who will do much of the work, but most will not. The ages of the incoming kittens without mamas will possibly be as young as newborn and as old as seven weeks, so we will need some fosters with bottle feeding experience and will happily train more. Other fosters are needed to hand feed (or syringe feed) kittens to ensure they are growing until they can eat on their own, and to provide TLC and socializing to older kittens.

tempfostersMedical Foster – Many dogs and cats might occasionally require some special medical attention, be it recuperating from illness, injury or medical procedures. These dogs and cats may require care as simple as providing a quiet environment, feeding a specific diet, giving daily medications, changing bandages or giving fluids. Making regular medical visits at the shelter or vet may also be required. As with all other fosters, all medical costs are covered. The time investment varies, depending on the treatment for each dog or cat, from several weeks to several months.

"Watching a puppy with mange become an extremely adorable, incredibly adoptable cutie-pie over the course of a month is one of the most rewarding experiences I've had as a foster parent," said Tracy, a longtime volunteer.

By opening your heart and home to a shelter pet, even for a short time, you will be helping LifeLine make metro Atlanta a no kill community. Your compassion will make a difference for your community's homeless pets!
To register as a foster home, please sign up as a LifeLine foster by clicking here.

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