Breaking Chains

Free Kennels and Dog Houses are Saving LivesLifeLine has a holistic strategy to get "outside" pets fixed, off chains, inside, and kept out of animal control!

The Need

With temperatures dropping and multiple storm warnings being issued recently, LifeLine Animal Project has redoubled our efforts to keep pets dry, safe, and inside homes instead of county shelters.

When we took over management of DeKalb County Animal Services (DCAS) and Fulton County Animal Services (FCAS), we started responding to lots of calls from folks in need. We began providing dog houses, straw, and other simple resources for pups stuck out in the weather. We found that the vast majority of owners requesting assistance wanted help to improve their pet's quality of life. LifeLine knows from experience how inclusive outreach programs can positively affect pets and families.

This is why we created the Breaking Chains Program.

Breaking Chains and Saving Lives

Our Response

Our first step is to get every recipient's pet spayed or neutered and vaccinated through one of our low cost or subsidized programs. Besides removing backyard breeding and unwanted litters from the equation, we often find owners relieved at the removal of behavioral issues like marking and spotting, humping and fighting, and roaming. Unaltered, outdoor dogs account for 76% of bites and nearly all fatalities.

Many owners served by our program don't have sufficient fencing but want to keep their pets and kids secure. Helping to build kennels not only keeps animals safe, but they also keep our neighborhoods safe. We are also able to help provide kennels, crates, dog houses, collars, leashes, food, along with affordable spaying/neutering. We want to give pet parents the opportunity to get their pets off chains (which are illegal) and into a safe and warm environment. The more options available to pet owners in need, the fewer animals entering county shelters and the better their quality of life.


Breaking Chains with Innovative Outreach

How You Can Help

We are encouraged by the results we are seeing, but we need your help. We have added to our Amazon wishlist kennels, folding crates, and prefab doghouses! If you happen to have a used doghouse or folding crate that is still in good shape that you would like to donate, we will take it! If you are handy with tools, donating some time building doghouses and kennels would be of great help. If you are interested in learning more about the program, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Together, we can help the people and pets in our communities! Are you In?


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LifeLine Animal Project

Founded in 2002 and now managing DeKalb and Fulton County Animal Services, LifeLine Animal Project is the leading non-profit organization working to end the euthanasia of healthy and treatable dogs and cats in metro Atlanta shelters. Together, we will make Atlanta a no-kill community.

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